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First portugese landfall in brazil

Porto Seguro, Brazil


So we are on our way to Salvador de Bahia. we just have a few stops to make along the way. Right now we are in Porto Seguro. The place where the portugese first put foot on

brazilian soil and started converting natives(well done by the way, they were only bloody savages anyway...)<----a joke by the way...

The town is nice, but alot of turists, which is good in a way because it is safe; but instead of thiefs here, we get jumped by people trying to get us into a restaurant or selling something else. I am not kidding they come in groups and svarme around you like bees.

Other than that there is a historical center here that is alright but not awesome, the view over the sea was nice though.

We got lost and had to ask for directions, but the guy just pointed and said nothing...

We have had a bit of sunshine and a bit of tropical rain(when it rains, it pours) so we have not been to the beach yet, but hopefully tomorrow...

until next time

Tchau and we love you all

Ola and Agnes

permalink written by  agnesola on July 4, 2007 from Porto Seguro, Brazil
from the travel blog: Baby and Baby's around the world travel...
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tout à l'air de se passer à merveille malgré quelques petits problèmes ! en tout cas Ola bronze plus vite que toi Agnès tu commences à avoir du retard là !
Bon moi je vais pas faire le tour du monde mais je pars en Irlande dans 10 jours (le 13 juillet very exactly! une manière ou une autre de te rapeller mon anniversaire) je parle pas un traitre mot d'anglais ça va être drôle !
bonne continuation à vous deux on pense très fort à vous !

permalink written by  Cha on July 4, 2007

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