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Monday July 16, 2007

Rotterdam, Netherlands

i left Berlin at 9pm
i was hoping to sleep on the train
but a little girl, about 3 years old
decided she liked my hair
and wouldn't stop pulling it and flipping it
and she kept fucking with my bag
soo there was no sleeping on that train

then i had a 2 hour lay over
where i met a really cool german girl
we talked for a while
then a group of 5 guys started hitting on me
they made her translate for us
finally, they left and we both got on the train
but she was too awesome not to talk to
so no sleeping on that train either

then on the next train i met an australlian guy
he was really interested in my trip
he said he wanted to backpack one day as well
so i talked to him for a while, hoping to inpspire him
i gave him the "vagabonding" book alex sent me
since i finished it on the plane over here
so i didn't sleep then either

finally on the last train
i slept for about 30 minutes
then they woke me up to check tickets
and the train started to fill up
so i couldn't sleep then either

finally, i arrived in Rotterdam at 8am
having not slept at all
and no idea where to stay
as soon as i arrived it started raining
like really pouring
i found a kind of dry spot where i sat hoping to wait out the rain
but i started getting really tired so i searched out a hostel
i finally found one, but i couldn't check in til 5:30
so i went outside where i met lucien
he was leaving Rotterdam to go home to Brussels
which happened to be my next destination

so, i hung out with him and some of his friends
David from barcelona and alex from france
they were all jazz musicians that were in Rotterdam for a music festival

we took a nap in the park
then went to the supermarket and bought bread and cheese
and had a picnic
then lucien and i caught the train to Brussels

he let me stay with him
and i had dinner with his family
then we went to a party with a group of his friends

permalink written by  faeryp on July 16, 2007 from Rotterdam, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Backpacking Europe
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