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Kyoto, Japan

Hola a todos!
Aqui mi general,sin ninguna novedad. Seguimos en Japon.Ayer llegamos a
Kyoto por hacia el mediodia. Encontramos un hotel que no esta nada mal...si vieran el lavabo! Parece el de un avion! Estos japonese si que saben economizar el espacio, queridos amigos, aun tenemos mucho que aprender de otras culturas.

Ayer fuimos a Gion (que no Gijon, Espania jejeje) el barrio de las Geishas, a mi me gusto, lo que pasa es que se asemeja al Born, en Barcelona, there are the typical turist stuff, so I think Carlos didnt like to much, but I did.
Siento mucho si escribo alguna cosilla en ingles (para los que no dominan la lengua sajona), pero es que tenemos amigos que no dominan la lengua mas hermosa del mundo: el castellano.
Entonces, como decia, el barrio de Gion es muy exotico, contrastante; yo creo que como Japon mismo. La gente, sobretodo los jovenes son super fashion, muy, muuuuy occidentales en la forma de vestir, son muy emocionales y por lo tanto consumistas...como los occidentales, pero lllama mucho la atencion la gente, jovenes y no tan jovenes que aun visten con su kimono, van con sombrillita de papel y sus chanclas de madera (que aun no se como se llaman).
Nos han sorprendido las casitas donde "trabajan" las Geishas: pequenitas, de madera, curiosas. Esta noche iremos al Gion Corner a ver a la Geishas bailar. This is something really exciting for me. I just have heard a lot of about this kind of stuff and I think during my all life have seen a lot of films about this, and I can not imagine reaction of the first men who arrive to japan and sow this, so exciting for them! I think.

Carlos y yo estamos alojados en Shijo, cerca esta el Nishiki food que es un mercado que tiene toda clase de cuchillos, utensilios para cocinar, amen de la extensisima variedad de comida, y...pescado! (gulp! no me gusta mucho) Yo soy mas de carne.
Ayer estuvimos por ahi, y claro! es el mero gusto del Carlitos, como a el le gusta cocinar, yo mas bien me dedique a mirar otras cosas como los dulces o los sellos con tinta rara o la ropa. Hoy volveremos asi que ya les contare que otra cosa rara he probado, bueno en realidad ayer probe muchas, lastima que no me dijeran que es o por lo menos el nombre!

So, dear family and friends, we can keep in touch as soon as we can find another university (like here, in Kyoto) where internet is free, for at least an hour, but If you get a lit of bit, they dont mind at all...So nice japanise people! So nice!.

Un beso y un abrazo desde Kyoto.

Ya tenemos un millon de fotos, pero aun no encontramos un ordenador que nos deje procesarlas, en fin, en cuanto podamos os daremos una idea de las cosas que hemos visto.

Maniana nos vamos a Tokyo...a las 6.30 de la maniana!!!! Si ya me cuesta levantarme para ir atrabajar!

permalink written by  Noemi y Carlos on May 26, 2008 from Kyoto, Japan
from the travel blog: NUESTRO VIAJE POR ASIA Y ALGO MAS...
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Kyoto, Japan

Hey everyone!
Finally I am in Kyoto, Japan, staying at the house of 2004/2005 ARI-Volunteer Fuji.
I uploaded some pictures from Sri Lanka and wil try to upload some from Indonesia tomorrow.
Hai, thats all for now, I am fine and happy to be back in Japan!!!
I'll leave for ARI on Sunday...
All the best!!

permalink written by  Malle on June 20, 2008 from Kyoto, Japan
from the travel blog: Asian Adventures
tagged Japan and Kyoto

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Hi, How do you do ! I've just started blog today!

Osaka, Japan

Enjoy the Beautiful Autumn Colors!

Now Kyoto is very beautiful view here and there! About three weeks from the middle of November to the beginning of December. Have you ever heard "momiji-gari", or "crimson leaf hunt"? Not hunting actually, but going to view the fall colors is very famous seasonal event in Japan, especially in Kyoto!

permalink written by  fluffy on November 20, 2008 from Osaka, Japan
from the travel blog: Enjoy Fabulous Experience in Kyoto ?
tagged History and Kyoto

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Reaching Yurakuso

Kyoto, Japan

Having reached Narita, exchanged some money and got hold of my Japan Rail Pass, I headed off to Kyoto. Getting my ticket was easy enough, the change of trains in Shinagawa was manageable as well.
Ate my first Ekiben (station bento, see below) on the way and got a drink out of a vending machine. And yes, they are EVERYWHERE (even saw a construction site with a bit of a structure-to-be, some workers and, yes, a Coca Cola vending machine).

I reached Kyoto, got on a bus (flat rate 220yen) and got off at the stop specified by the owner of my first Guest House. Called him from there (Yay, my first phone call in Japan) and his wife picked me up and led me to Yurakuso.
The old couple I mentioned earlier and which is advertising on their site handed the business over to the next generation, their son and his wife (both really young) are now in charge.

The owner himself was not in but he was to pay me a visit (in order to show me around and collect the rent) later that evening. Was ushered to my room, started to unpack and took a breather. It has been 25 hours since I left my home in Austria by then.

Wanting to orientate myself, I started to explore my new neighborhood.
It is near the Kamo river (Kamogawa), a prominent river in Kyoto, and got some good oportunities for relaxing. Also, Yurakuso is near quite a number of temples and shrines as well as a street full of places for shopping and eating. Will explore those later.

<-- Oh, and I found this in the window of a local stonemason next to Mickey Mouse.

Bought something to drink and called home for everyone to know I arrived and went to sleep.

So long and stay tuned,

permalink written by  JuergenS on July 5, 2010 from Kyoto, Japan
from the travel blog: Two month of Japan
tagged Arrival and Kyoto

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