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Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council & Taiwan History Institute 省諮議會

Wufong Township 霧峰鄉, Taiwan

2007-07-18 12:49. BA

2007-07-18 14:48. BW

Historic political building. We sat in the round hall through a few speeches, mentioning digitization of government records. Afterwards we went to a political history museum in a nearby building.

Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council & Taiwan History Institute

Wufong Township, Taichung County

霧峰 pronounced: wu4 feng


permalink written by  monex on July 18, 2007 from Wufong Township 霧峰鄉, Taiwan
from the travel blog: 2007 Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan 5th Study Tour (2007海外青年台灣觀摩團第5梯次)
tagged Provincial, Council and History

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Going to Florida - Part 4

Charleston, United States

Well, that was one desired destination... and we've been here for two days now.

It's a very nice city, all about history! It looks a lot with Paraty, in Brazil. The same vibe, beach and history. And we took our time to check on the gardens, plantations, and of course, the walking tours with the guide showing us all architecture, all the history and some funny stories.

It's an amazing place to walk around, looking at everything (my kind of travel =). And that was what we did! Of course, with a stop to shop on "The Body Shop" and to eat.

Only one thing I've getting tired of is having no vegetarian options here... only sandwiches... and fried stuff, that is making me slightly chubby...

permalink written by  me on January 24, 2008 from Charleston, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Beach, Nature, USA, History and SouthCarolina

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She Moved Where??

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

So, where am I and what's it all about?

Dubai is located on the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East. More broadly, Arabia is located in the southwestern region of the Asian continent. (Politically,) the Arabian Peninsula consists of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, and Yemen. The UAE borders the Persian Gulf, Saudia Arabia, and Oman.

Dubai is one of seven states (emirates) that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the largest state by population, but not by area (UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi, is the largest by area, covering nearly 86% of the land area of the entire country). The UAE was formed in 1971 after the region's former protector (Britain) left the Persian Gulf that year. In 1973, Dubai joined the other emirates to adopt a single, uniform currency: the UAE dirham, which is currently at about 3.7 per U.S. dollar. Dubai is ruled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who also serves as the Vice President and the Prime Minister of the UAE.

The weather is lovely and sunny all year (a little too sunny in summer months!) so I intend to spend plenty of time exploring the beaches and working on my golf game. It's between 70 and 90 degrees for most of the year, so those of you looking for a warm weather getaway should keep me in mind. I would love to host you all and play tour guide in somewhat magical city that melds all things old and new and offers something fun for everyone.

permalink written by  wanderlust on June 15, 2008 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
from the travel blog: Jacque Moves To Dubai
tagged Dubai, History and Move

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Hi, How do you do ! I've just started blog today!

Osaka, Japan

Enjoy the Beautiful Autumn Colors!

Now Kyoto is very beautiful view here and there! About three weeks from the middle of November to the beginning of December. Have you ever heard "momiji-gari", or "crimson leaf hunt"? Not hunting actually, but going to view the fall colors is very famous seasonal event in Japan, especially in Kyoto!

permalink written by  fluffy on November 20, 2008 from Osaka, Japan
from the travel blog: Enjoy Fabulous Experience in Kyoto ?
tagged History and Kyoto

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Rewriting history or PREwriting history???

Beijing, China

Many of the subway stations walls are covered in revenue producing ads (at one time the station by Tian An Men Square had huge posters featuring my daughter's then boyfriend) but a few of the original stations (the subway system has about quadrupled since preparations for the '08 Olympics began in 2000) have real artwork on there walls, each of the artful stations having their own theme. Line 2 at Jiang Guo Men? They had a beautiful mythical ancient 'sports' in tile behind trains heading North opposite modern [real] sports in tile behind trains heading south. I haven't headed south yet so I have not studied it's changes, if any, but the North bound? What was once ancient Tang Dynasty, floating through air spirit - like supernatural practitioners of kong fu with a backdrop of celestial bodies now has Chinese landers on the moon, rocket launch towers with ascending space vehicles and man-made satellites among the real celestial bodies. I do not Admire the art as much now. I will have to study the opposite wall even if I don't need to travel south. I miss the pure whimsey of their ancient 'sports.'

permalink written by  prrrrl on February 23, 2012 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: Beijing I, 2012
tagged China, Beijing, Sports, Art, History, Ancient, Subway, Trains, Space, Whimsey and Rewrite

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