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Spaarndam, Netherlands


I'm back home after flying thru London Heathrow(read worst airport ever).
I arrived in london in the early morning where it was 2degrees.. standing on my flipflops and wearing a T-shirt..

After a few hours i took my connecting flight to Amsterdam.
At Schiphol airport there was a nice suprise waiting for me:

It was Leon & Yvette with their new born Guus that were waiting for their flight to Curacau.

My dear frien Barry picked me up from the Airport and took me out for some serious lunch at Oudekerk...

Finnaly got home, and went to sleep very early and slept for ever!

Now I'm already back for a week, not used to the cold...
Back to life, back to reality......

Deep in my hart I know I will not stay in Dutchyland forever...
I know that it will be a good thing if I go and live and work abroad..

Different people.. different culture.. different life!

To everybody who want's to make a trip arround the world:
JUST DO IT!!! Ohw and makesure you never have to go back to this life..

Thanks for all the comments made during my trip...


permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on November 5, 2008 from Spaarndam, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
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