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The Back Story

Austin, United States

As our departure date approaches, a little back-story is appropriate. About two months ago James and I found ourselves at a crossroads, in our personal lives and our relationship with each other. These are the things that have spured us into taking this trip now.

Our relationship had deteriorated to the point where we felt more like roommates then lovers; this was due to many reasons but primarily by allowing present actions to be guided by past hurt, anger, and worst of all fear. Doing this fostered an air of negativity and resentment which has no place in a loving relationship. We each know our roles in allowing this to become the norm in our relationship, and I think I can safely say we have kicked said mentalities arse. Where we chose to go from here is beautifully wide open.

The other force driving us to sell our house and get the hell outa dodge is the current state of American culture and society; sickeningly narcissistic, deluded, duped, our government routinely making a joke of democracy. Stuck in the Matrix, most Americans bump along content with their apathy so long as they feel safe. They like to think they are safe from physical harm, really they’re safe from ever waking up to the true reality that they have the capacity within them to become god and transcend this worldly bs to something much much better. People who do realize this have power, something those in ruling positions don’t care to share.

Crazy new-age left-wingest tirade over, James and I want to completely detach from this society and wash the sludge out of our brains that’s been put there by this joke of a society. That’s rather hard to do when confronted with it daily, so we’re removing ourselves from it. We hope to visit the small hamlets, ancient places of spiritual significance, and find ourselves along the way.

When we come home, the intent is to carve a niche for ourselves here, separate from but functioning in this society. To wrap ourselves up in the love of each other and the love of our friends and find away to live fulfilling lives that somehow make a difference in what comes next.

To this point, I’m calling this little blog and our trip Slade’s Elucidation.
e-lu-ci-dat: to make lucid or clear; throw light upon; explain; an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

~ Amanda

permalink written by  Slade's Elucidation on June 5, 2008 from Austin, United States
from the travel blog: Slade's Elucidation
tagged Austin and Begining

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vacation from vacation

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A small historic town that lies so close to the sea. Filled with the magic of this great brazilian culture but with the touch of an ancient history, but not so ancient.

The very idea of getting there was already pure relax. But I couldn't put my finger on it. And a friend on the Hostel in Rio where I was staying, found the place I needed. Always the same, some other traveler gives you the lead and you can follow it or not.

I took the chance and left Rio for another hostel, but this time, a hostel in Paraty.

permalink written by  ojotas on November 25, 2008 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
from the travel blog: Paraty, Parati, a place to enjoy in peace.
tagged Rio, Brazil, Relax, Begining, Paraty, Parati and Unwind

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My life is travel.

Cordoba, Argentina

This is my first blog ever....
Hundreds if not thousands of people must write these words everyday but maybe because of that I feel like I am entering a community of sorts... without knowing anyone else in that community. In all honesty I have been looking for a chance to start writing and I have noticed that i enjoy the process. Especially when writing about myself... Maybe I am a bit narcissistic. Maybe a lot narcissistic.

Anyways... My life is travel.

I was conceived in one continent and born in another... Since I was a child I never lived in the same country more than 5 years and often a lot less. When I stay somewhere for too long my feet get itchy and I need to don a pack and start moving... the further the better.

BUT; now that has changed.

In the past year I have undergone many profound changes that included marriage, moving to Cordoba Argentina, a daughter... and now my own hostel. And this is what this blog is about. It´s about hanging up your backpack, storing your clothes in an actual closet, wearing long pants and not shorts and dedicating your life to watching and helping others travel. It should be interesting, to me at least.

We just bought this hostel... It´s a beautiful house with tall ceilings, interior gardens, big double doors and a large backyard. It´s on a quiet sleepy street that almost miraculously is in the smack middle of the town... I walk out... take a few steps and like a slap in the face the city hits me. Very strange.

My hostel has no soul... it is quiet, empty, decorated with things that are not mine and that I don´t like. On weekdays like this no one comes around. The few guests curiously mimic the hostel. They too are strange, they too are quiet, mysterious... I know nothing about them as I know nothing about this place... it´s stories, it´s past life.
All I know is that the past owners were tired of it, I can tell from the paint that peels from the walls, the plants that died from lack of care, the dust that has gathered under the furniture...

I need to infect my hostel with the excitement that lives inside me. The excitement of starting something new, the excitement of making this a reflection of me... of making this hostel a home away from home for travelers. It´s a bit overwhelming there is so much to do... just the paperwork is mind-numbing... One day when I am really bored I will write about it, i mean why should I be the only one bored.

But now we start. As soon as I get up from this computer I start... moving beds, painting walls, decorating, planting, building....

Ready.... go.

permalink written by  pewmanche on August 25, 2010 from Cordoba, Argentina
from the travel blog: Life at Pewmanche
tagged Backpacker, Argentina, Hostel, Traveler, Begining and Cordoba

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