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My life is travel.

Cordoba, Argentina

This is my first blog ever....
Hundreds if not thousands of people must write these words everyday but maybe because of that I feel like I am entering a community of sorts... without knowing anyone else in that community. In all honesty I have been looking for a chance to start writing and I have noticed that i enjoy the process. Especially when writing about myself... Maybe I am a bit narcissistic. Maybe a lot narcissistic.

Anyways... My life is travel.

I was conceived in one continent and born in another... Since I was a child I never lived in the same country more than 5 years and often a lot less. When I stay somewhere for too long my feet get itchy and I need to don a pack and start moving... the further the better.

BUT; now that has changed.

In the past year I have undergone many profound changes that included marriage, moving to Cordoba Argentina, a daughter... and now my own hostel. And this is what this blog is about. It´s about hanging up your backpack, storing your clothes in an actual closet, wearing long pants and not shorts and dedicating your life to watching and helping others travel. It should be interesting, to me at least.

We just bought this hostel... It´s a beautiful house with tall ceilings, interior gardens, big double doors and a large backyard. It´s on a quiet sleepy street that almost miraculously is in the smack middle of the town... I walk out... take a few steps and like a slap in the face the city hits me. Very strange.

My hostel has no soul... it is quiet, empty, decorated with things that are not mine and that I don´t like. On weekdays like this no one comes around. The few guests curiously mimic the hostel. They too are strange, they too are quiet, mysterious... I know nothing about them as I know nothing about this place... it´s stories, it´s past life.
All I know is that the past owners were tired of it, I can tell from the paint that peels from the walls, the plants that died from lack of care, the dust that has gathered under the furniture...

I need to infect my hostel with the excitement that lives inside me. The excitement of starting something new, the excitement of making this a reflection of me... of making this hostel a home away from home for travelers. It´s a bit overwhelming there is so much to do... just the paperwork is mind-numbing... One day when I am really bored I will write about it, i mean why should I be the only one bored.

But now we start. As soon as I get up from this computer I start... moving beds, painting walls, decorating, planting, building....

Ready.... go.

permalink written by  pewmanche on August 25, 2010 from Cordoba, Argentina
from the travel blog: Life at Pewmanche
tagged Backpacker, Argentina, Hostel, Traveler, Begining and Cordoba

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Cordoba, Argentina

Als es heute morgen hell wurde, konnten wir aus dem Fenster die weiten argentinischen Graslandschaften sehen auf denen immer wieder Rinder grasten.
Um acht Uhr kam der Bus dann in Córdoba an. Còrdoba ist die zweitgroesste Stadt Argentiniens und von der Kolonialzeit gepraegt. Phillip meinte gleich "Oh, hier gefaellts mir ja viel besser als in Buenos Aires". Haben uns dann erstmal ein Hostel in der Stadt gesucht und sind dank Nachfrage bei der Touristeninformation, welche uns eine Liste mit Hostels+Stadtplan aushaendigte schnell fuendig geworden.Unser Hostel liegt in der Dean Funes 285. Haben unser Gepaeck im Hostel gelassen und sind erstmal zu einem Metallwarenhaendler gegangen und haben uns kleine Schloesser gekauft, mit denen wir unsere Reisverschluesse sicher verschliessen zu koennen.Sind dann noch ein bisschen in der Innenstadt herumgelaufen und haben uns in den Innenhof der "Manzana de los Jesuitas", ein Jesuitenkloster und zugleich die aelteste Universitaet Argentiniens, gesetzt und uns ein bisschen ausgeruht. Danach sind wir zum Busbahnhof und haben uns fuer 427 Peso eine Busfahrt fuer Samstag um 21:00 nach Salta gekauft. Um 18:00 Uhr sind wir dann zurueck zum Jesuitenkloster gegangen und haben eine englische Fuehrung mitgemacht. Bis dahin haben wir uns fleissig die Stadt angesehen. Abends gabs im Hostel Pizza und haben uns mit ein Paar Franzosen unterhalten.

permalink written by  Fount on January 4, 2013 from Cordoba, Argentina
from the travel blog: Von Buenos Aires bis nach Lima
tagged Cordoba and 4Tag

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