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Trouble at the ranch

Lummi Island, United States

Back at the ranch....in 2003-2005 we undertook the massive job our building our own cabin. We watched too many episodes of PBS's frontier house and decided if those guys could build a cabin, so could we. We left the suburbs of Marietta, Georgia with a U-hual of junk and a dream and ended up on Lummi Island. Lummi Island is in the San Juans. It is closest to the mainland, just a $4 ferry ride to Bellingham. After a lot of sweat and tears, many many tears we did build our cabin ALL BY OURSELVES. With power tools, of course, actually I got pregnant so we did get somebody to help with the roof. We really found that working with others was more work than doing it yourself, but we had to contract the wiring out because the building inspector, State of Washington, and untold busybodies said we couldn't live there if we didn't have a liscenced contractor do the electricity. Anyway the cabin was completely legal and finished (the trim in the loft doesn't count) in October 2005. That was my dream come true, my husband's was China!
Fastforward to now, we've been in China for 2 1/2 years, the ferry now costs $10. The first year we had a housesitter/pet sitters, we came back to all of our tools stolen. Ouch...we are still working on that yurt on Sinclair Island! So the next year, we tried a different housesitter couple and came back to an even worse nightmare. All the pipes had frozen it was nasty and dirty and there had been some serious drug usage there. So we are done with housesitters. We spent our winter vacation replacing everybend in the pipes and cleaning. We got a property manager in hopes of renting it. We really wanted to provide affordable housing on the island, it seems unfair that a beautiful place like Lummi Island is out of the ballpark for your average person, so we put the rent at $750.
Little did we know, the property manager decided that they are too busy to show the proprerty on the island that is going to generate so little money for them, so it is sitting unrented for the 4th month. So we are switching to the island vacation rental manager.
Weekend get away on Lummi Island anybody?

permalink written by  carseat tourist on June 13, 2009 from Lummi Island, United States
from the travel blog: Life in Harbin as an American English Teacher
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