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Not dining alone

Beijing, China

Ah! The pick your own restaurant! A refrigerator case with baskets of veggies, meats, mushrooms and organ meats on skewers makes it easy to get what you want. I went for almost one of each veggies, tofu skin, fish and shrimp balls and a couple mushrooms. Once I fill my basket I give it to the cook and he/she (though I've never seen a 'she') boils it for me. My cooked selections are brought to the table with a sesame dipping sauce. Hot pot made easy! Though this qualifies as a hole in the wall establishment they have nice mostly matching china and elaborate embroideries under the glass table top. The waiter brought me complimentary just boiled tea (and yet another compliment on how good my Chinese is). So nice! Then another visitor dropped in - a cock roach fell, feet up, between my tea cup and the bowl of dipping sauce. The supine position gave me time to select a napkin to squash it with. The tea being so pleasant, I've extended my stay so I can enjoy it at a drinkable temperature. Cock roach, schmock roach - I'm enjoying myself

permalink written by  prrrrl on October 7, 2013 from Beijing, China
from the travel blog: Liaoning, 2013
tagged UninvitedGuest, RelaxingLunch and FreeTea

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