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Less than a Week!

Baltimore, United States

Ahhh!!! Less than a week to go! I have started packing and getting everything organized. Some of the things necessary to bring for our trip....
Lots of Bug Spray!
Malaria Medication
Anti-Biotics (just in case)
Books Books Books! For the kids
Jacket (The Mountain Gets Cold)
Good Walking Shoes
Spanish language book

That is just a few of the over 10 suitcases we are packing. All full with school supplies, books! And anything else we may need while in Guatemala.

I started my anti-malarial medication in Monday. While in the city the Mosquitos aren't so bad, but while by the water and in Costa Rica it gets a little buggier.

I am also taking a prescription of cipro. It is an antibiotic for anyone to take if we were to get sick. We cannot drink the water while on Guatemala because it is not filtered like it is in the states. Interesting fact though, the same ingredients In cipro are also in tonic water. I have a microbiologist for a dad so I get to learn this stuff.

I post more as the day gets closer and closer!

permalink written by  gracegoestosantacruz on July 18, 2012 from Baltimore, United States
from the travel blog: Waves of Friendship helps Guatemala
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