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TN day 1 1/2

Crossville, United States

nothing seems to quite hit the spot like some good down home cookin' from your grandma, or in my case my mama. we got in last night after a 9 hour drive from ohio. our arrival was timed perfectly because we got into town with just enough time to haul ourselves over to the elks club and grab some of the greatest fish i've ever had. i could've used a beer to hit the spot but since i was with my parents i had to resist the urge. there's just something about perfectly Golden brown catfish and the fact that it was prepared in a sub-health dept. kitchen by a bunch of grandmothers to make it taste even better. love it. later that night we came back to mama and papa's unpacked and sat around. after spending all winter in cold ohio while it has still not gotten above 50, although that didn't stop me from going disc golfing, i was so happy that it was 70 and sunny when i got here. i was able to stand outside in just a t-shirt and be comfortable. i talked to Katherine for about 2 hours which was great. to all of you out there i would recommend robert frost's poetry any day of the week.
tonights plans consist going to the japanese restaurant in town. i do love that japanese steak house style but until then i'm gong to go work out and then call Kat. may the road rise up to meet your feet.

permalink written by  CLScheer on March 22, 2008 from Crossville, United States
from the travel blog: Easter with Mama and Papa
tagged TN, Winter, Tennesse, Easter, Grandparents, Grandpa and Grandma

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Winter home.

Yuma, United States

We're settling down for the winter.

permalink written by  Howard Downing on November 5, 2011 from Yuma, United States
from the travel blog: Yuma
tagged Winter and 2011

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Winter home.

Yuma, United States

We'll probably be here for the winter. We are in Escapee park.

permalink written by  Howard Downing on November 5, 2011 from Yuma, United States
from the travel blog: Yuma
tagged Winter, 2011 and Yuma

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Moroccan's Spirit

Marrakech, Morocco

We decided to escape winter month in England to somewhere not too far; reasons are
1 you know kid on the plane only last 2 hours before they fed up and started to annoyed you.
2 coming close to Christmas now, end of the year, not much left to spend.
3 France, Spain, cold cold, where else, I have to use my travel knowledge to the limit.

Now i can't afford Dubai or any middle east countries as they are now footballer playgrounds, North Africa sounds hot to me as part of Sahara Desserts Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco are the big 3.

We pined down to Morocco now and have to choose between Agadir and Marrakech. To be fair, we love beach holiday and never spend a holiday without beach unless i went back to Chiang Mai, Thailand, my home town to visit my family. For some reason, we gave it a go, Marrakesh for 1 week in December 2011 anywhere else would have been better than England. Why not?

Got there it was lovely

permalink written by  neverending on December 12, 2011 from Marrakech, Morocco
from the travel blog: North Africa
tagged Mountain, People, Holiday, Morocco, Family, Snow, Winter, Summer, Dessert, Hot, Marrakech, French, Friendly, December, PanoramicView, SnakeCharmer and MintTea

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