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Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
Kae hits New Zealand! Spring 2008

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Rockledge, United States

Just had to tell you about this... Mom found the NZ necklace in the car! Must have came off while I was driving... I'm taking it as a good omen. Mom and I had a horrible argument yesterday morning which led to finally talking about everything that she and dad did when we were kids... and incredibly, I received validation from her. Not in the exact form I wanted necessarily, but I am satisfied. After that I just felt awesome. I bought some wine and met up with Robert and Amy... All of us had something to celebrate. Then Hubs and I spent the night in Orlando clubbing. We danced for 5 hours straight girl... And when I woke up this morning is when mom gave me the necklace. Not to mention tonight is my first night alone as overnights manager. I've been certified by district and start classes in September. Spring classes start for BCC and UCF mid- January which is when I can claim my residency (hopefully). Which means... starting next January, hopefully (cross my fingers) , I can start school here! Well, I gotta' bounce again... Hope all is well! Take care, love and hugs, mel

permalink written by  snookyferrit on August 19, 2009 from Rockledge, United States
from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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Rockledge, United States

It's been a long time since either of us have written in this thing. I'll get it going, for bump's sake. Well, my life has done a complete 180. Two days ago was six month anniversary for living here in Florida. New York has become almost... irrelevant to my life. that sounds harsh because my family is there... and my friends are there... but the truth is that I talk to them all the time, and I think about them all the time...and I miss the city like you wouldn't believe... But Florida life and New York are two totally separate things. Everything is different. My friends are carefree, relaxed, non-dramatic. The only downfall with them, is that with the exception of Edmond and Candace, none of my friends are artistic. And the more I think about it... most of my inner group of friends are straight. I go out clubbing and partying with my gay friends, but that is really all I do with them. It's weird. Relationships are really difficult for me right now. Probably partially because of all the question marks in the air that I have yet to deal with. But also because... Even though I feel like every man I come in contact with wants me for some absurd reason... I don't really know any lesbians/bi-sexuals who live here and are attractive to me. Most of them are only interested in partying and sex, man, I party all the time... but I don't live for it. I know so many men who would totally "do" me... I find myself considering it... The pro's and con's of it. Would it work? Could it work? And I haven't had these questions in my head for a long time. Every time I ever tried with a man it's just been EPIC FAIL. I feel comfortable calling myself a lesbian. Every good experience I ever had has been with a woman. Everything I am physically attracted to is womanly. The clothing, the perfume, the skin, the hair, certain physical attributes, personality... sweetness, aggression, and intellectualism in women is sexy. When I look at men, I don't think the same way... When I am pleased by a man's appearance or character... I feel like he's a little puppy I want to take home with me... But, i've met one or two guys that I don't look at like that... Men that are just... attractive, motivated, not too aggressive, not totally vain, sweet but not too sweet, funny, and fun to be around with similar goals in life. Those are the guys that get me thinking, "maybe?"... But it never works... the sex doesn't work... I don't try... with men... it's less complicated that way. I haven't smoked green in like... 2 months. I have other things to keep me entertained ;-) but nothing too crazy... Work is different... or should I say... only one pay check a week is different. I was promoted to crew trainer a couple months ago and then just this week they promoted me to overnight's manager. The pitfall to that is my certification classes don't begin for another month, so I don't get the other half of my raise until i'm certified. But the 75 cent difference an hour is worth it right now. It's been SO hard financially. Especially with everyone who came down to visit. First Rosa and her family. We spent the day at a waterpark at the Nickelodeon hotel in Orlando. I tried to sneak up on them, but they actually snuck up on me. The kids wore me out but we had so much fun. I almost cried when we had to say goodbye, and apparantly so did Rosa. The next day is when my neck spazzed out and I couldn't move it, also the same day that Jess Ferrara came to visit. All we could do was talk about everything and watch a movie together... it was good anyway. Just a couple days after that Alfonso, Kristina and Shannon came down. I stayed with them at the Ramada in Kissimmee for 3 days. We spent a lot of time swimming in the indoor and outdoor pools. We drank a lot. A lot of arbor mist...6/7 bottles one night I think. Hahaha, then recorded Shannon karaoking to Kristina's Iphone, me and Kristina dancing on the bed, and all of us taking underwater snapshots. Alf, shannon and I went for a couple late night walks through the area... one night we found a snail and named her Polly. We went sun-tanning, day exploring, out to eat and everything. My last night Alf's aunt came to visit with her family. She brought us to this place called old town. It's this really great place that stays open year round, and is half amusement park/carnival... half old town shops and restaurants... the best part is that it also has a night club. LMAO. After that Heff and Elly came down to stay for a week/ week 1/2. We spent A LOT of time at the beach. I showed Heather some of the gay nightlife here. They met a bunch of my friends and we all had a blast. Then I stayed with Elly's ti ti Lisa for two days. The first of those two days we all went to the beach again with Elly's cousins and some family friends. I was sun poisoned on that day and all I can say is OUCH. The night I left there was a meteor shower. Mom and I have been struggling to get a long. As i've mentioned before, I come long way in putting the past behind me. But there are certain issues that make us living together very difficult. Like, 1) she wants to be motherly and nurturing... but i'm grown, independant. And I got there without her. It drives me NUTS when she tries to advise me/ tell me what to do. 2) At this point she's been collecting unemployment. I have been neglecting my own bills to carry us this far. We agreed to split our shared bills down the middle but let me paint you a picture... I have given her my last three paychecks in WHOLE. We fight about it and get nowhere, and then I feel guilty... Especially since Chester died... that was very hard on the both of us and I want to be sensitive toward her. But she doesn't work with me on our issues... and screws me financially... even though she doesn't mean to, she does it... I can't NOT pay the bills... and i'm going through all these changes at work and trying to keep a social life. On a positive note... If we can get our shit together... after November I can finally go back to school... Robert, my best gay friend here... I think he really wants to marry me, and have a family. I don't know how to feel. That whole thing in itself... is sooo weird/confusing. We are just an odd couple... and I think he really wants to marry me. lmao. I'll be sending you a new CD in the mail sometimes soonish... I've been getting into electronic a little bit... I think you'd really like some of it. I feel like there's so much more to write about, but I gotta' get ready for work. So love and hugs! Let me know what's going on in your life! <3 Mel

permalink written by  snookyferrit on August 14, 2009 from Rockledge, United States
from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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Heyyy you

Rockledge, United States

Hey girl- uploaded some pics from the phone for you! I hope you're enjoying yourself! How was the ceremony? Don't feel bad if you can't update all the time, I totally understand... Yes, still the same number, and the phone is up so... if ya ever wanna' call, feel free- i'd love to hear from you. Life is good... i've made some great friends here... and even though i'm not, I FEEL really free. So maybe I am. I have so many sooooo soooo soooo many stories to tell you about. I'll update more when I have free time, or the next time I talk to you... I am curious about the many dimensions of your life- graduation, South Korea, Dimo, Nashville, everything... What is going on? Are you leaving the country again or WHAT??? lmao... just kidding... take care of yourself, girl... love you lots, hope you're well... <333 Mel

permalink written by  snookyferrit on June 7, 2009 from Rockledge, United States
from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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quick update!

Nashville, United States

Hey girl! Sorry I've been such a poor correspondent lately...between graduation and Dimo and visitin Julia in Nashville, things have been a bit crazy. I will get back to you soon though! And btw, greetings from Nashville! Is your cell phone working? I think I should give you a call in a couple of days.

Also, thank you so much for the book! As soon as I picked up the package, I knew it was a book and I got really excited. I can't wait to read it! Ah, poetry...how things all began. :D Anyway, it was very sweet of you to get me a present...it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Okies, I gotta go, but I WILL update and/or call you soon. Much love, thank you again for the gift, and I will talk to you soon!


permalink written by  snookyferrit on June 4, 2009 from Nashville, United States
from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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Hey dear

Rockledge, United States

Hey girl... I saw your facebook, and didn't want to make a big deal out of anything on there... I'm not totally sure what's going on... (though I have an idea)... but i'm sorry that you're in pain, and if there's anything I can do... let me know... I may be the last person you want to talk to... but i'm here for you. You have your BA, you have great friends and family, and you're going to have a good future... Take care of yourself *big hugs* Mel

permalink written by  snookyferrit on May 24, 2009 from Rockledge, United States
from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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Contgradulations girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockledge, United States


permalink written by  snookyferrit on May 22, 2009 from Rockledge, United States
from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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By the way...

Rockledge, United States

Ps... everything will be all right... The future is totally unpredictable- we all take a blind step forward (everyday!)... Remember that, to keep yourself grounded... (To not get too overwhelmed!)... Let yourself miss things that are passing or have already come to pass, but celebrate good memories and know that there's so much more to come! I feel like a broken record, but i'm so proud of you... take care dear *big hugs*

  • Big big biiiiiiiiiiiiig hugs*

  • permalink written by  snookyferrit on May 22, 2009 from Rockledge, United States
    from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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    Stupid ass... I am

    Rockledge, United States

    I'm so retarted... guess you can ignore that message on your machine, my answer is right here, lmao... I'll be giving you a call soon... phone should be up this weekend... then I will be more capable of making calls... hope all is well! so excited for you... night, <3 Mel

    permalink written by  snookyferrit on May 8, 2009 from Rockledge, United States
    from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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    South Korea?

    Bronxville, United States

    Hey girl! Um, why is God laughing at you? That's not cool. He's kinda laughing at me too right now...he finally warmed up the weather, but now that it's BEAUTIFUL outside, my allergies are trying to kill me...my eyes itch sooooo bad! It kinda sucks, but I'd still take it over the cold.

    Sooo, new developments...all my work is due one week early this year, meaning that I have to get my shit together by May 8th (ahhhhh!). Then May 22nd is graduation. AHHHHHH!!! Still not sure what I'm doing. I thought I was going to go home to Cali for at least a year...however, I have now found a job teaching English in South Korea that looks pretty tempting. $2000 a month, rent is free, and the company pays for your plane ticket there and back. The city I'm looking at (Busan) is really cool and right on the water, and three of my friends from NZ will be there...we could travel through Asia after our work is complete. It's pretty awesome. I have to decide whether or not I'm ready to take off for another year though...it's an amazing opportunity, but Jamie just got over his cancer and Omi and Opi are getting older...and there's the whole not liking kids thing...I don't know. I did the math though and calculated that I will be paying $600-700 a month in student loans for the next ten years. It makes me want to cry.

    Okay, I better get to work now...I'm doing a conference paper on psychopaths, so I'm gonna go sit in the sun and read about some crazy people! Hope all is well.


    permalink written by  snookyferrit on April 28, 2009 from Bronxville, United States
    from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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    Rockledge, United States

    Awww darlin, hey girl... the end is approaching! You must be under so much stress... Though I know you have pleanty of support where you are, If you need any more, you can always call me! Sched: I'm working tomorrow 3-cl, thurs. i'm off, friday 3-cl, sat 7- somethin, sun. mornin to somethin... i'm sorry, I took down my schedule on a five dollar bill, and then threw it in with my pants in the wash... I understand if you can't call... and will try to reach you at some point and offer a generous helping of silliness to get your mind off things... Hope all is well, and good luck! PS daaaang girl, when are you gonna' plan a trip down here??

    permalink written by  snookyferrit on April 28, 2009 from Rockledge, United States
    from the travel blog: Mel and Kae's Craaaaaaazzzzy Blog
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