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New York, United States

permalink written by  TheGypsyDad on September 10, 2009 from New York, United States
from the travel blog: TheGypsyDad's Travel Blog
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New York City...Can Be So Pretty...from a Vagabond’s Eye View

New York, United States

Big cities are a great place for the traveller to stop over for trading, viewing, learning, and meeting new and different people. As for one city that a modern vagabond should never pass by, that would be New York City. The Big Apple is full of resources and knowledge; in fact it contains everything a traveller could possibly find in a city. New York City's worldly authority of being a hub city for many facets,like the financial world, the media center, the real estate location,and the arts & entertainment circa, will provide what ever thing for anyone seeking resources. For a vagabond thirsting for any of these endeavours will find New York City a place to be. The best way to venture about into the city of New York is by foot. Your best walking shoes and a good packsack will be your primary and most important tools needed for hiking the streetsof New York. For the more confident and skilled vagabond, a wagon such as a recreational vehicle can be driven around in the city, but be prepared to pay hefty parking and security fees and to be on guard for over-enthusiastic driving. Driving into NY City is not highly recommended, an RV traveller is best to leave the wheeled abode out of the city limits and hike their way in. NY City has a terrific public transportation system in which as much as 50% of NY natives utilise on a daily basis. Depending on what you are seeking in NY City, the area you will focus your visit on can determine the price you will incur if you are to stay over for a few nights. You will need a few hundreds of dollars plus per night for a decent room. However, the more creative vagabond always finds a way to lessen their expenses, all depending on the partiality entailed by the individual. As for eating and public transportation, these costs can be very reasonable if required. For less than a good pair of shoelaces, one meal or transport pass can be acquired anytime in NY City. As for touring and visiting treasured sites in this city, there is no price that can be put on the abundance of free places of relevance and attraction that can be seen.

Let us start off with a central position to spend the night in when visiting NY City. There are many hotels and bed & breakfasts available at various prices. One can get resourceful and try to stay in the city for minimal cost or even at no cost in the streets; however there is risk involved when considering the health and safety of oneself when participation in such endeavours in any city. The detail of these risks does not really have to be outlined since they are obvious to any well travelled vagabond. However for a few hundred dollars and change per night, a nice accommodation can be readily found in this city. For instance, there is quaint hotel on 51st Street which is close to many outstanding amenities. The Washington Jefferson Hotel (WJHotel) is found midtown in Manhattan a walk away from the exciting Times Square, Central Park, Broadway Theatres, plenty of Eateries, and countless other vistas. From this location New York'spublic transportation system (MTA) will get you anywhere in the city. Even though this hotel is is established in an older part of Mahanttan, its rooms and the environment are well maintained. The rooms provide large, clean, and comfortable beds with very distinguished white cotton linens with goose down comforters. There is access to complimentary wireless Internet, I-pod docking stations, in-room safe, flat screen HDTV, and the service for the price is on hand. The washrooms are up to date with tiled showers and modern chrome fixtures, hairdryer, and Frette towels

From the WJ Hotel, a few blocks down in the borough of Manhattan, one can spend a day and night wandering around Times Square. This New York City square is located at Broadway and 7th Avenue and stretches from West 42nd and West 47th Streets. It is a major New York City intersection which was named after the Times Building, the once office building of The New York Times; today that building is called One Time Square. Once in Times Square, at the Cross Roads of the World, the proposals, the foods, the entertainment, and excitement will charge any traveller with pure urban energy. It is the liveliest square in New York City with neon super signs, Broadway, and everything required for an open minded vagabond. This crossroad will bring forward most of the biggest and brightest store signs that can be found in New York, the business community spare no expense showing off their goods and attract many tourist in this area. It is a place for entertainers from every corner of the world to come into view and flaunt their flair. On every New Year's Eve, over one million people from all over the continent and the world will gather here to welcome every New Year and say farewell to the old one.

Sitting in the midst of Times Square, you will be approached by 'bright sparks' who are offering tickets to entertainment shows to be presented during night time. At these showings, the magic of laughter can be bought at the price of agood meal and a few drinks, a fair price to pay for healthy laughter. The Times Square Arts Center will provide a night full of 'sh*ts and giggles' to clean out any bad curses you might have picked up along your travels. It is a showcase of fine comedians who perform every night in the "Times Square Comedy" show.

The biggest of the world's merchants will cater to the most wonderful of wanderers passing by their shops with the most fantastic technological feats available for the dearest of prices. These merchants will dazzle with their humongous flashing signs, breath taking smells, and sounds of desire that can draw any passerby to their unbeatable products of charm. The 'best of the best 'purchases can be traded in this famous NY City square, from the greatest pair of walking shoes to the biggest of luxury article avagabond can walk away with. Electronics, Toys, Fashion, provider of services, and commodities are all available for the barterers' dreamplace.

There is also never a shortage of food in Times Square, there are plenty of goods and drinks available, as of anywhere you go in New York City, there is always a guarantee to find a pizza slice, a pretzel, or a great sandwiched...preferably pastrami on rye bread. Combined with a drink, and one of the mentioned food groups always available in NY City, a satisfying and yet filling meal can charge any traveller for at the least another 10 to 40 miles of trekking.

There is no getting around Broadway when wandering around the midtown area of Times Square. On Broadway Avenue, the exclusive shows full of talent, entertainment, and storytelling which attract millions of spectators at all given times.

"Broadway, as the name implies, is a wide avenue in New York City, which runs the full length of Manhattan and continues into the Bronx. It is the oldest north-south main thorough fare in the city, dating to the first New Amsterdam settlement. The name Broadway is the English literal translation of the Dutch name, Breede weg. A stretch of Broadway is famous as the pinnacle of the American theatre industry." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

If you happen to have a chance to attend any show found in NY City, give yourself the opportunity to at the least see one before time passes you by. Theatre is a magnificent remedy for a weary traveller providing inspiration and new life to any soul.
Of course when in the Midtown area, the ever famous buildings and skyscrapers will have to be visited. These include the Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, and the renowned Empire State Building. While wandering around these famous skyscrapers, make sure to view the numerous museums, restaurants, and theatres scattered within their neighbourhood. The architectural icons claiming these areas are a feast for the eyes and their rooftops provide for great viewing of New York City's sceneries.

To catch most of New York City's spirit, the modern vagabond will have to trek down to heart of this city, this trek can be walked (depending on the heartiness of the traveller) or for a simpler and faster method, take the subway. The ladder of the two is the most recommended, the subway system in New York City is timely practical, there is always guidance available, and getting lost is almost impossible. Once Downtown NewYork has been reached, there will be plenty of hiking to do and the prominent sites are spread outenough to fill out the heartiest of trekkers.

Downtown you will be able to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island while visiting Battery Park, walk down the streets and visit the numerous and famous museums and iconic places, walk through the rich financial section of Wall Street, pay some respect to the memories of the World Trade Center Site, and head towards the South Street Seaport for a view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

When attending one of the parks, such as Battery Park, there are plenty of room to sitdown and rest while enjoying spectacular views and activities of the ever popular Hudson Bay. If the timing is right youmight be able to catch a sunrise or sunset off one of the most important waterways our world has ever produced for mankind. Here you can imagine the eras where people from multicultural backgrounds met for first time. The feeling and flavours of Downtown New York City is a reminder of the birth of our great continent and the governance who originated the Americas while amalgamating with its natural inhabitants.

When time has come and a rest is in order, there is no better place than Central Park to put up your feet. This wonderful urban park, covering 843 acres of land in the middle of New York City, was first established in 1853 by New Yorkers who wanted a family oriented location to just hang out in. It stretches from 59th to 110th Street in a rectangular shape coveted by Mother Nature's finest work. Since then it has grown into a hub that is visited by over 20 million people each year. Central Park provides peace for the fast paced lifestyles of New Yorkers who will spend the day there by one of its lakes, a grassy knoll, and establish a quiet forest setting sentiment. It not only provides natural scenery, but Central Park also has ice rinks, tennis courts, baseball fields, playgrounds, and theatres.

New York City's Central Park allows for a regular getaway for countless outdoor enthusiasts; the park is constantly bustling with joggers, cyclist, and roller bladders that make the most of the park trails for a healthier lifestyle. In the more secluded and peaceful areas, Central Park will sanction photographers, entertainers, artist, writers, and folks just taking a break from the urban lifestyle outside of its walls. Not only is Central Park a wonderful sanction for people, there is a presence of wildlife making the park their homes, and tens of thousands of trees, shrubs, and flowers...this oasis within a city is a MUST see when in New York City.

All in all New York City definitely never sleeps...it's a great city to stop by and pick up a few necessities...and even eat a chicken sandwich for $5!

permalink written by  TheGypsyDad on September 18, 2009 from New York, United States
from the travel blog: TheGypsyDad's Travel Blog
tagged NewYork, NewYorkCity, UnitedStates and NYC

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