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Iced coffee withdrawls

Salta, Argentina

Are so far not being suffered. Which, is surprising, and brilliant.

We´re in Salta at the moment, which is up to top of Argentina. Its a great city. We´ve met up with some cool aussies (one from brunswick) and the four of us are travelling together at the moment which is great. Tonight we´re catching the overnight bus to Bolivia, then a train to Uyuni, where the salt plains are. I think we´re doing a four day tour or trek, either way it should be great.

I totally forgot about it until today, but when joho and I were in Buenos Aires, we were walking through a market, and saw this free museum, "museo de la ciudad", and we´re like hey, free museum of the city, awesome find. It was a museum full of doors. From random buildings around the city. A door museum. We cracked up, it was hillarious. Couldnt read the descriptions on the doors, but we were so pleased we didn´t pay for it!

Katie - Sometimes I think the world is a little too small though, went to a bar last night with everyone, and you know what they cracked out, Bon jovi. Which, i found very amusing.

Anyway, all i´ve really managed to do in Salta is kick around, go in a cable car to the top of a hill, and had a few beers and a lot of steaks. I can eat steak at any meal. Today, it was brunch.

Will talk to you again soon,

(btw how cool is the little map thing? it´s pretty up to date with where i am most of the time! See dad, you can´t lose me!)

permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on November 27, 2006 from Salta, Argentina
from the travel blog: No Fosters Thanks
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