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Salzburg - Mozart everywhere!!

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg - a little town flooded with tourists (but not as flooded as Prague is, that was overflowing!!) mostly cos of 2 things: 1) as d birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (if u dont know who he is, do an online search!); 2) where "Sound Of Music" was shot. if u didnt knew that b4 going there, dont worry, u will know it once u reached. there's so many statues/pictures of Mozart that his image is now implanted in my mind permanently! everything seems to be related to Mozart. u even see an image of Mozart holding chocolates. Mozart selling chocolate!?????? my guess is he might not be too happy about it...

same as d locations for "Sound Of Music". there's soooo many different companies running tours to all d locations with detailed explanation of which scene was shot where. u probably would know if u are a big fan of d film. u can see some examples in here. d d locations looks nicer in d film i thought. but of cos coming fr this industry, they must have done a lot to make sure d place looks even better than it already did, with perfect lightings and all. maybe also cos when d film was shot, there wasnt as much tourists going to these places... but still, it was nice.

besides that, there's a shopping street with lots of elaborated shop signposts. some of them r very impressive i must say!

and of cos a castle, Festung Hohensalzburg. i've been to a number of castles or fotresses now but somehow i never got sick of them! maybe i will by d end of d trip... who knows...

we couldnt find a host here so we cut short our stay here n went to a hostel. after d Prague experience, we didnt really have confidence in hostels so decide to juz spend a night. but this 1 proves to be clean n safe. the hostel played "Sound Of Music" in d common room throughout d day. so if u r really bored or really LOVE d film, u know where to go.

we met a nice korean gal who is a fellow couchsurfer. she couldnt find a host here as well so came to d hostel too. we spent a long time talking about our CS experiences n only went to bed when we almost woke d whole room up (they were all her friends thank goodness). she left early in d morning but we are sure we will see each other on CS!

i always liked small towns cos it feels more cosy n intimate n less populated/crowded. but somehow i dont feel as much for this town than Bremen or Brugges. it is still a beautiful small town nevertheless so here's photos to prove it.

permalink written by  wangyng on May 14, 2008 from Salzburg, Austria
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Austria and Salzburg

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