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mmm...kinda tired

Cusco, Peru

Totally wrecked right now, been doing so much...so this is going to be a short one!

Went to Copacabana, which is on lake titicaca, which borders both Bolivia and Peru, although we were on the Bolivian side. It was amazing, the fresh trout cooked by the beach...the sunsets..although it was a little like a Bolivian version of lorne. A little strange.

We went out to Isla del Sol and trekked across it, which is over 8km and up and down hills. At altitude it hits you pretty hard (glad I did all that exercise before i left to prepare) but it was well worth it. The beaches were fantastic. I have more photos, but my camera is in my room locked up.

We caught a bus yesterday (today?) from Copacabana to cusco, with a stop over in puno, which is inside the Peruvian border. It was strange, we have lunch in the bus station, and our waitress was about 8 years old. When she had her lunch she was sitting there playing with her doll.

But anyway...after a scary time on the bus (we had a blow-out and something wrong inthe wheel arch that we had to keep stopping for) we are finally in cusco. doing the inca trail in two days, which i´m well excited about.

But anyway, thats enough from me at this silly time of night.


permalink written by  no_fosters_thanks on December 10, 2006 from Cusco, Peru
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