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Naples, Italy

its been a pretty good week. Monday to celebrate memorial day I went to the base because they were having a big feast, also to celebrate a friends bday, and I ate wayyy to much. Ate lots bufula caprese salad cateloupe and prosciutto then phillipeano dishes and three kinds of dessert!! We just watched some movies and hung out since it was raining.
Tuesday John, the dad, and I went to the gym and worked out. After they took me back home where I quickly had to go to the grocery store because there was nothing in the house. Went to my fav fruit stand got an amazing cateloupe, super sweet and juicy, along with delicious strawberries and bananas. Oh and really flavorful cherry tomatoes, gotta say i love my lil stand. Then we kinda hung until practice, Maria arrived back at the house. So after practice we had a dinner consisting of 8, they all ate pasta roby and i had chicken and salad.
Wednesday was super chill worked out a little in the morning we all hung out talked had a late lunch, I reheated/recreated left over pasta which i thought was better than the night before. Then after prac the magic happened. Our vice president decided to take 11 of us out to dinner and boy was it nice! You arrive and there are 3 people to great you then you get in an elevator going down where there are 3 more girls to great and seat you. This restaurant was in Possillipo which is a very nice richy area so you get out the elevator there are gorgeous view and grass which big umbrellas white lounge seating for the bar area and tables in the back..all outside. We sat down and quickly we had two waiters waiting on us hand and foot, if we wanted something we got it. Water sparkling and not arrived first, then a red Bordeaux and white wine don't remember which but delicious. All of us chose the fish menu which consisted of...appetizer squid lightly seasoned with maybe a vinegar lemon parsley, delicious, then mini shrimps also lemon maybe balsamic, very light very delicious, and something in kind of a zucchine purre with thin strips of zucchin kinda flash fried. FIrst course was risotto with shrimp and lemon, oh so very very good...but my fav was the second some sort of white fish, im guessing halibut or halibut family, quinoia withcarrots and celery. but they bring out the whole fish and serve it up on each plate, this fish was huge. Oh also was so fancy that you have a big bottom plate and they just keep changing the top plate. got two diff plates for appetizers then removed brought first so on and so on. then dessert was some nasty white thing so I asked for strawberries. Pretty sure someone said it was about 50 euro a head. Quite the experience because everyone knew him and would come up say hi, as we all sit in casual clothes at this fancy reserved table. Then returned home by 1am a 2.5 hr dinner, although on the way home the moon was beautiful kind of a yellow glow with the shaded spots very visual.
Today, thursday, I had my last day at school which I am relieved and a lil sad because it really means this magical time is coming to an end. Had lunch with Roby and lisa shot the shit now resting for prac. Tonight about 12 of us are supposed to go to Profs(our fitness coach) house for dinner. So I am sure it will be another magical night filled with good memories.

permalink written by  katieandboo on May 31, 2012 from Naples, Italy
from the travel blog: Italian adventure
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