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No Man's Land, Part Deux (nearly)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

12.00pm- We arrive at the border with Erin clutching both new and old passport in hand hoping for a smooth transition.
12:03pm- Erin breaks into a cold sweat upon sighting the all to familiar uniform of the Immigration officers.
12.04pm- Erin bravely approaches the desk and presents 'the passport'.
12:05pm- The guard looks stern and exits the booth.
12:06pm- Oh shit.
12:07pm- While Erin stands stranded at the desk Murph, Tay and Colly make a secret pact to sever all ties with "the fugitive," and continue regardless.
12:08pm- The short lived plan is thwarted when they realise that having entirely matching travelling attire makes them all too clearly recognisable as a group.
12:09pm- After Erin is dragged off to an outhouse Murph, Tay and Colly merrily make a beeline for Duty Free and spend the last of their Vietnamese currency on some Mars miniatures.
12:10pm- Murph, Tay and Colly position themselves on the sidelines and observe the drama unfolding whilst enjoying their chocolatey light bite.
12:11pm- Erin is being detained, stranded amongst a pack of immigration guards- her fate in their hands yet again.
12:12pm- The girl realise their friendship with Erin is simply a burden, she has trouble written all over her. They now begin to Hope that she will actually be stuck at the border. Plans to recruit a replacement group member commence.
12:43pm- Luckily for Erin after 30 minutes of deliberations the guards decide to let her off with purchase of a new visa to be stuck in her new shiny passport. The old one is now permanently banished to the bottom of her rucksack, never to be seen again.
12:44pm- Finally the girls leave Vietnam and enter Cambodia.
12:45pm- On seeing Erin pass successfully through to Cambodia, coldfish Collman breaks down and releases the well overdue pent up tears and cries, "oh God, she's still here!"

(Erin cried no tears during the course of this day)

permalink written by  Murph, Tay, Colly and Erin on May 22, 2006 from Phnom Penh, Cambodia
from the travel blog: The Smug Adventures of Murph, Tay, Colly & Erin
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Does the absence of any photos in that last entry mean that you now actually don't have a camera between the four of you? Shame, 'cos I was looking forward to pictures of Angkor Wat.

I have some friends at Nikon who are following your blog in keen anticipation of each new boost to future (replacement) sales. Nikon staff bonuses this Christmas are expected to hit record levels, only slightly behind those of Nokia and Apple!


permalink written by  Father O'Doode on May 23, 2006

Unfortunately the absence of photos in this entry may be made up for by some really (REALLY!) bad ones in the next and I, like Nikon, truly regret the presence of a camera amongst the girls in Sihanoukville! May I further add that the rain was really (REALLY!) cold and that, obviously, Whisky and "Klang" beer are both prodigiously strong. If my prayers are answered and said photos do not appear, I don't know who any of you are. If the Gods ignore my supplication, my secondary excuse runs thus; "police are still searching the Cambodian resort of Sihanoukville for a chap doing a very good impersonation of one R J Russell. This fellow, AKA the phantom flashing pole-dancer, is presumed drunk and very harmless and can be recognised by his exceedingly white buttocks. If found, please don't call his mum"

permalink written by  No One on May 24, 2006

hey adventurers!

blogboy reporting again (i have left you a post on your border crossing post!)

so glad to see th blog providing much needed entertainment for all and it seems so long ago since since march 24th and a net cafe on the Khao san road where i helped you post the first post. but so glad to see so many more!!!

i am due home in a few days so hopefully my blog at;


will be finished by then! (if you have no time to check the posts just make sure you look at pics of Perhentian Island Malaysia!)

take care and enjoy the next stop. i will be keeping an eye as your adventure goes further!

permalink written by  50watts on May 24, 2006

helen - if you're going to beg i guess i'm going to have to write something...

i've just been reading the blog - hadn't read it since the first entry so lots of catching up to do. i won't give you the smug satisfaction of saying just how jealous i am because i doubt you'd give a smug. but i have to admit it all looks very nice - hard to believe how much you are doing.

anyway to balance out the jealousy i will tell you that i've just returned from 2 weeks of floridian sun - did you get the pictures of dolphins & mickey etc - how magical.

ummm...look is erin there? no? good.... ok i think you're on to a winner with the plan of ditching her. she sounds like nothing but trouble and i have to admit she's stealing the limelight as far as the blog goes.

keep enjoying it. and look after yourselves, stop get stuff stolen - i would have thought 3 years in Liverpool would have prepared you for being surrounded by scallies with strange sounding accents.

umm little other news. started the new job which is fine and getting geared up for the world cup.

take care. lots of love. joey trib

permalink written by  joeyt on May 24, 2006

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