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Munich - football & free beer!

Munich, Germany

didn't do very much in Munich itself. i came here actually cos i wanna see the Cinderella castle - or rather the castle that inspired the Disney's Cinderella castle. but of cos Munich is a pretty city. with lostsa nice buildings/architect n all. and of cos, d beer culture here is ENORMOUS! so here's the highlights...


this is the main square of the city. the Rathaus, old churches n other important buildings surrounds the square. d day we were there, there was a huge football event here. it was the grand finals of d national football championship or something like that. the Munich football team (FC Bayern) won the championship n will be making an appearance at the platz later in d day. oh did i mention before Germans are HUGE football fans!? i really mean like fanatics! so with d national championship winner making an appearance in their home city, of cos d WHOLE of Munich are there to show their support! walkways were being closed for the event, there's fans n media n OB vans all around. so it was really really crowded!

our host Antonio n 2 of his friends met us for dinner. as we were going to get a drink somewhere else, we chance upon Paulaner booths. they were giving out free beers to celebrate FC Bayern winning the national championship. needless to say, there were loads of people there queuing for beers! d most impressive part is, there's no pushing or shoving or any aggressive behaviors at all during the queuing! although there's a number of drunks after like 1-2 hours. but still, no fights or things like that.

o yes, we saw 4 policemen hanging out at d area where d beers were given out. they were doing some kind of formation, a square with their back so they were facing out. they were standing there for a while so i thought i'll take a photo of them. d policeman facing us saw me holding d camera and actually smiled for the photo!! it was hilarious to see these guys looking so serious in their uniform n all, then suddenly smiling for d photo!

Schloss Nymphenburg

also know as Nymphenburg Palace in english. again, another huge beautifully made up palace! very pretty decoratives both in and outside the buildings. the buildings are now used as museum/exhibition halls since they are no longer occupied. the garden is really big! or long i should say! just look at d photo!

Englischer Garten
also known as English Garden. so many people we met earlier on told us we MUST see d English Garden when we go to Munich. so we did. it's d 2nd biggest city park in Europe (after Richmond Park in London) covering 3.7km². it's really really nice to be walking in d park. it was all peaceful n quiet (least when we were there!), no sounds of traffic, just birds' chirping n sound of running waters... d busy city life just disappear into the tranquility of the huge garden. we didn't managed to have a picnic here (cos d grass was still wet fr d rain earlier) but we had coffee in d really nice cafe restaurant near d Chinesischer Turm.

it's a really posh place, very elegantly decorated with nice furnitures n beautiful statues. we didn't stay in d garden for too long as d sky was pretty cloudy but it was enough to see d beautiful garden...

and there's The Königsplatz, with The Glyptothek and The Staatliche Antikensammlungen on each side. beautiful n grand historic buildings.

well, how can i leave Munich without the infamous big mug of beer!

permalink written by  wangyng on May 20, 2008 from Munich, Germany
from the travel blog: Hello Europe!!
tagged Germany, Beer and Munich

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Munich_The Toy's Museum on Munich piazza.

Munich, Germany

I visited my friend who is in Munich 3 years ago. I also visited some cities of Europe . I like that traveling, so i am going to visit Europe next year again . I like Europe and Munich beer, even some German don't speak English or Chinese.:P

My first Europe trip blog is about The Toy's Museum on Munich pizza. Well, i'd never known there is a Toy's Museum before i've been there. As i know, most of museums are about art or histoy stories.

This museum is very small, the building looks like a lighthouse.If you dont read the sign you might miss it to visit.

The conservator is middleaged woman.she is very kind and she always has smiling on her face. When she saw me,she asked me if I was a student. I said no.....Its very entertaining, each time when i visited museums or some place where need to buy tickets, they always ask me if i am a student, even when i am in China! well, I really hope i am still a student , then i can save my money.... BUT I AM NOT!!.:p


permalink written by  summer on September 5, 2008 from Munich, Germany
from the travel blog: 20 DAYS IN EUROPE
tagged Museum, Germany, Europe, Munich and Toy

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Again Berlin

Berlin, Germany

I'm planning a very short trip to Berlin in October (just three days) and I'm already excited of the idea. I've booked just the flight yet and I'm desperately looking for an accomodation..there's too much choise, I know I know..I really can't make up my mind!

permalink written by  ruggine on August 29, 2010 from Berlin, Germany
from the travel blog: Berlin
tagged Germany, Accomodation and Berlin

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Germans urbane site - Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

A really nice town is Heidelberg in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. It looks a little bit like the "Winkelgasse" in Harry Potter scenes (http://www.harryPotterwiki.de/wiki/Winkelgasse), when you walk down the streets in this town.

permalink written by  Bringmeweg on January 13, 2011 from Heidelberg, Germany
from the travel blog: Germans urbane site
tagged Germany and Heidelberg

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Berlin, Germany



permalink written by  lapanamaria on August 30, 2012 from Berlin, Germany
from the travel blog: Meine Postgradstudies
tagged Test, Germany and Berlin

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Trip to Germany: Holi Open Air Berlin

Berlin, Germany

I was lurking online when I stumbled upon a website, which had an article about a festival I went to, the Holi Open Air Berlin (http://www.Germany-travel.org/holi-open-air-berlin/). It was a very cool event: lots of people throwing paint on each other, with such bright colors everywhere. I never would have thought I´d find the Holi festival (traditionally celebrated in India and some surrounding countries) in Berlin, but I got quite lucky. Check it out for yourself, and if you´re in Berlin then, YOU. HAVE. TO. GO.

permalink written by  mintyfresh on March 5, 2013 from Berlin, Germany
from the travel blog: European Adventure
tagged Festival, Travel, Germany, Berlin and HoliOpenAirBerlin

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Christmas Market Tours 2013 across Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia

Helen, United States

I am taking Americans and Aussies on an adventure throughout Europe to visit some beloved Christmas Markets. For 17 years I have visited thousands of villages, towns and cities across Europe drinking lots of Glühwein and being spellbound by the Christmas Markets. Looking forward to this year!

permalink written by  vipalpinetours on November 5, 2013 from Helen, United States
from the travel blog: vipalpinetours's Travel Blog
tagged Christmas, Alps, Germany, Snow, Tours, Vienna, Hamburg, Austria, Berlin, Innsbruck, Holidays, Slovenia, Hungary, Tirol, ChristmasMarket, Weihnachtsmarkt, Christkindlmarkt, Wien, Graz, Tourismus and Christmastime

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