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Rome, Italy


permalink written by  scriptavolant on April 22, 2007 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: scriptavolant's Travel Blog
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Roma, Italy

Where to begin? Well, I´ll start with last week. On Monday, I found some cheap tickets to Rome. Before I went home that day, myself and two others bought tickets and booked a hostel for three nights. Tuesday was spent packing. Wednesday, I had class all day and by 9pm I was in Rome! Thursday, we did... so much. Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter´s Basilica, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, pizza, gelato, pasta, Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo. Finally, the Medici Villa and surrounding park (great views). We worked out the bus system, the metro system and even got lost for about 20 minutes. It was a big day. :) Friday we did more touristy things like the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Forum. More gelato, pasta and pizza. Finally, our last day, Saturday, was spent wandering, taking pictures, and doing a little souvenir shopping. It was a much calmer day. We had already done so much, I think we were a little numbed at that point. Our flight left at 9pm, so we had plenty of daylight to wander and explore. We stopped by a lot of bakeries on Saturday.

So, what do I think of Rome? It´s hard to say. I felt, and feel, pretty ambivalent. Sometimes I was annoyed, sometimes I was totally enamored. Occasionally, I felt like I was stuck in an amusement park. Mostly, I was a mess. Emotionally, a mess. I managed to stand directly in front of the sculpture, Laocoon, in the Vatican museum, and seeing the anguish in his face and the veins, the tension, in his thigh brought me to tears. Seeing stones shaped and placed by people who have been dead for over 2000 years made me stop and wonder -- but it wasn´t over the craftsmanship (which was usually fantastic), it was over the idea of mortality. I´ve never felt so mortal and insignificant in my entire, if brief, life. Linguistically, a mess. Conversations that took two or three languages to get through were very common. Physically, I barely kept it together. It took two maps to get around the city, and while we occasionally allowed ourselves to wander, I had trouble letting go at first. With every step I was both exhilarated with the sights I was rewarded with and mentally recording as many details as possible so I could find my way back. But even then, I wasn´t ever totally sure of my location in time and space. Rome feels so disjointed to me. Seeing the modern, the reconstructed, and the original side-by-side, on top of and surrounding each other... after even just a day it blurs into a big... mess. For me, there is no way to successfully marry past and present. Past is past, present is present. They don´t go together. Can they complement each other? Perhaps. They just don´t fuse into a seamless entity for me.

And maybe what I felt in Rome doesn´t fall into a "normal" experience. Maybe I just took everything too seriously. But it was my experience and it was unforgettable. I have never felt so unsettled in my entire life -- physically, emotionally, mentally -- and while I never want to feel that way again, I´m glad it happened.

Leaving was also difficult. I wanted to get the hell out of there as much as I wanted to people-watch in Piazza Navona, eat pastries on the Spanish Steps, lust after purses and shoes, window shop and feel sorry for the drivers who chain-smoke while waiting for their charges to come out of Cartier, Dior and Ferragamo laden with shopping bags full of tissue-wrapped accessories, and overindulge in gelato -- which is just a small portion of what I managed to do with Erica and Jen.

But getting back, even at 2 am, was a relief. Going somewhere else and being even more awkward, foreign and out of place does wonders for making your current living situation feel more comfortable. I came back from Rome feeling much better about Barcelona. I even have a little more faith in my Spanish now because I know it works... in Italy, at least.

permalink written by  achavero on October 22, 2007 from Roma, Italy
from the travel blog: Amanda in Barcelona
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Rome, Gladiators and heat

Rome, Italy

We're in Rome now and been checking out the sites. Taking pictures, eating the eats and checking out the gladiators standing around the Colosseum waiting to take a picture with ya.

Our arrival was pretty good. Came in late, around midnight, and caught a bus to the main part of the city. It was too late to really get a bus to our final destination so we decided to explore the city and walk that general direction. We had pizza and coffee and a couple local places on the way. Stop eat, stop drink, stop and look around. We ended up passing some reallllly old section of wall they built the modern buildings around. Neat, lots of old buildings, churches and misc structures along our route. We finally came to a picturesque place to rest a bit that was the Spanish Steps. So here we are late at night in Rome on the Spanish Steps some guy comes by selling cold bear (which I bought) and made out a bit with Amanda. ^_^ Don't get to that in Rome on the Steps very often. We saw some local antics while we hung out there, people playing around, a heated convo between two drivers and another couple realllly making out. After a time we got our gear back on and treked to the bus stop we had to get too and from there we rode the rest of the way to our campground. The buses were free and not too hard to figure out, everyone was helpful/friendly enough. We arrived at the township to wait wait for our shuttle and some guy just pulled up and asked us if we needed a ride to the campgrounds. I guess we just looked like we belonged there cause he just guessed it. He dropped us off at the gate and continued on his way. So cool. Checked into the campgrounds, got our plastic room and crashed out. Will continue this later. Just saying we're here!!!

Big hugs,
James n Amanda

permalink written by  Slade's Elucidation on August 1, 2008 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: Slade's Elucidation
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Our first real day in Rome

Rome, Italy

The Eternal City

We got into Rome around midnight and decided to spend the night in the city rather then pay for a night in the hostel. We caught a bus from the airport to the city centre, as it was so late most of the public transportation had shut down so we opted for wandering through the city for a couple km to the nearest train stop that would take us to our hostel in the morning. During our wandering we happened to come upon this rather picturesque spot that turned out to be the spanish steps.

As we had walked about a mile at this point and it was hot as hell and humid to boot we decided to chill on the steps for awhile before continuing our hike. While we were there a guy wandered by selling ice cold beers....score!

“day one”

The Camping hostel... well I'll hit the bad first. No A/C, our room was a plastic building duplex, if we moved it moved and the wall was paper er plastic thin. It was very expensive there for just about everything. We arrived really early, things had gone fairly decent, we were just really tired and hot. So the no A/C bit was a huge negative, so a cool shower to rinse us off and cool us down and we crashed out for as long as we could til the day got too warm to sleep. Thus we went off for food at the local cafe and found everything very over priced. Can of sprite: 3 Euro or around $4.50 for a CAN. You get the idea. Anyways the mosquitos were quit bad and they were totally eating Amanda. They were even in our room so not much reprieve and the citronella candle we bought didn't really have any citronella in it and well wasn't much use. Ok lets go more positive. The room was private enough, warm shower, decent beds, most of the lights worked and the pool was really nice there. We ate dinner there (ouchie the price) and got some sleep because the next morning we were getting up early and checking the hell outta of there!!! Booyah on the road again.

Well the trip back into Rome city proper was sooo much smoother on the return trip. Got easily back to town and to our next hostel, checked in and our gear unloaded and it wasn't even 11 AM yet. We got our bearings and walked to the Colosseum. Saw a lot of very interesting ruins along the way. Like the Domus Aurea.

Finally arriving at the famous gladiator battle grounds it was worth the trip. The history is so amazing here. The games lasted around 100 – 117 days during which time 5000 animals and I believe it was 9000 gladiators fought and died there during each of these games. That's a ton of combat and to think how many years that went on. Lots of blood has spilled here and so much history. It's really a shame that it's in the condition its in due to plundering over its lifespan. However it's good to know most of it's precious materials were moved right down the road to help build stuff at the Vatican. Insert angry face here... James dislikes the Vatican but we'll get back to that later. We didn't go inside the Colosseum, it was really busy and we just felt like wandering the streets. Walked by this area Arco di Tito These are the older city ruins. Amazing how much they built, just mind boggling to me. They're still currently excavating this area as well.

We continued our journey up to the Monumento a Vittorio Emanule II and then over to Campidoglio. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what these places really are but the first one is HUGE with all white stone and then there blue angels on chariots on various points of the building. The latter was like a palace courtyard, I think it was all museums now. We just walked through looking really. Then we decided to head over to the Trevi Fountain.

Incredible artwork with the stone. People were there tossing coins over the shoulders into the fountain by the hundreds. They even have police that sit there all day just watching the fountain and keeping people from getting in it. Lotsa coins in there.

BTW Gelato = the win. We've eaten a ton of it and I love the lemon by far. Doesn't help they have it at every corner either. We decided to head back to the hostel for some free dinner. Which wasn't bad by any means. Salad, pasta, cheap wine decent enough I reckon. Showered up, and then we went back out to see Trevi fountain at night.

Amanda had foreign guys throwing roses at her while at the fountain. Well, it was more like guys selling roses and they try to shove them in your hand so you then feel obligated to buy them. Didn't work on Amanda though, also didn't help they hit her booboo hand with the rose. Poor guy... It was just as busy if not busier at night there at the fountain. Even had a guy walking around selling camera stands. They walk around and sell anything here. No lie on that. Rave lights, camera stands, roses, beer, hats, towels, clothes, coconuts, jewellery, umbrellas, small children and miscellaneous other stuff. Most of them aren't Italians either. The children part was a lie far as I know. Well after enough of that we had some of the more expensive coffee in town at 5 Euro for cup, it was ok, no way worth 5 Euro. Figured we'd done enough and went back to the hostel in preparation for our next day at the Vatican. Will post that later... I wore a kilt ^_^

permalink written by  Slade's Elucidation on August 2, 2008 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: Slade's Elucidation
tagged Rome, Colosseo and FontanaDiTrevi

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Thine Vatican

Rome, Italy

Ok this is going to be abit short but I'll insert pictures for you. Vatican. Girls, no showing anything above the knees, no bare shoulders, they must be fully covered, no mid riff and I'm sure you get the idea. Guys, no shorts no wife beaters etc... Never mind all the naked statues everywhere or toga's or guys in what looks like a short dress or kilt. I don't get the need to dress a certain way just to go see god related ideals. So, I wore my kilt :) I made it through the proper dress check point but was grabbed later for it. Asked me what it was, and after I told them it was a kilt they asked if I was Scotish. Now what would you say to that? Of course I'm Scotish I just talk like a Texan. So they waved me on through. The only other "issue" I had was at the security checkpoint. After waiting in a fairly long line we get up to it and the only item not allowed showing on the sign was a swiss army knife. What's the one thing I have in my pocket? My new, very nice, somewhat costly swiss army knife. Well it was a test of humankind, I placed my knife on the guard rail that was used for herding everyone into the place in hopes it would be there when I got back out. I look down and apparently, I'm not the only pock knife weilding person here as there was another laying there as well. Yes, my knife was still there when we got back. Guess the Vatican brings out the good in some people. And here I thought Flipside was the only safe place. Flipside.. look it up, It's outside of Austin Texas.

Ok picture time:

Feel free browse the rest of our pictures to see everything. It was a decent experience, tons of history, Sistine chapel was cool but long, Pope says to tell everyone back home Hi, and it was a nice day.

The following days we went to stay along the coast at an awesome resort in our own little bungalow and enjoyed the beach.

Whew what a great time. Ok off to Tuscany!!!

permalink written by  Slade's Elucidation on August 4, 2008 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: Slade's Elucidation
tagged Basilica, Rome, SistineChapel and Vatican

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Roma Tomatoes

Rome, Italy

My first impression of Rome was not great. I couldn't see past the ever-present graffiti on the walls, doors and trains. It's hard to imagine a place so steeped in history and culture as being a working, evolving city.

As soon as we got to the airport we easily found our way to the bus ticket office. Two tickets were bought into town and we were good to go. Until I lost one. It turned out alright though, 'cause Shelley got a replacement gratis. Our first night in the city left me feeling cold about Rome. I seemed to be constantly on the lookout for somebody wanting to mug us!

The next morning we headed to the central train station to see about getting around to see the sights. We decided to join a bus tour. Although we knew it to be expensive (considering a metro ticket to anywhere is two dollars) we only have a day and a half here and it was just easier. We reached our first stop, the Vatican and I duly got my camera out for some happy-snaps. I turned it on and... nothing! I checked inside and there was no bloody battery. We turned around, going back to the hostel to search for it. Couldn't find it anywhere. I checked my backpack again and found I had the battery the whole time! Idiot.

Shelley seemed to take this remarkably well. I think it was from the cold and flu meds she took earlier that morning. We decided to do the Vatican the next morning. We managed to see Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Colosseum. Not bad work for a day's work in the pissing-down rain. We spent about three hours looking for a conversion plug for Italy, but it was well worth it to have dry shoes again (courtesy of Shelley's hair dryer - an essential piece of kit).

We have to figure out our next port of call (most probably Prague) on the morrow. We really have to get a move on - only a couple of weeks to go!

permalink written by  10bastards on December 15, 2008 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: Eurotrip
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run run run

Rome, Italy

We landed in Rome. Frankfurt was a mess. There was a long line for immigration.
By the tine we cleared that we only had 30 min to catch the plane. Then
security took a long time. They wanted to look at the camera. By the time we
were done we had 6 minutes and had to sprint to the airplane. I ran fast and got
there as they were closing the gate and had them wait for your mom. By the time
we got in our seats your Mom was dizzy. At Rome we found out that my suit bag
did not come. Now I have only underwear and shorts to wear!

permalink written by  slrcrow on September 20, 2009 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: 25th Anniversary Mediterranean Cruise
tagged Rome, Luggage and Frankfurt

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A good flight, tiring first day

Rome, Italy

Our flight from JFK was about half full, so I had 3 seats to sleep on. I even got a few hours sleep. Nevertheless, pretty beat at 4:15pm Rome time. Arrived 7:30am, train to Termini 8:36, at hotel before 10am. No real problem except I got a little angry with the nit wit in front of me who was buying the railroad I think. Almost missed the 8:36...why did I give a damn? Me.
At hotel I, regrettably "pancaked" the laptop from about 4 feet and busted a few pixels...luckily not critical areas and function is still ok...with a weird feel to the keyboard. Not too happy with ... but over it now. Met Fulvia at hotel, very nice and helpful...hotel room basic but very clean and modern, wireless, ac, view to street from shuttered windows on 2nd floor, coffee in room, steel grated elevator (like in Madrid) and a decent area with restaurants nearby. Two blocks from Termini Station from whence we will depart on Sunday for Stuttgart.
Walked to Santa Maria Maggiore, got a bite al fresco across the square. Very helpful young waiter. €26 w/tip. Visited church. Very ornate, very holy. Walked to Trevi Fountain, mob scene, and on the way saw the Gardens and Palazzo del Quirinale where we thought we were going to see a parade. Not. Sandy then led us back to our hotel, very tired. The whole walk and lunch (?) took about 4 hours or so. Along the entire route there are numerous old, cool buildings/churches with statues, balustrades etc. Many are located on palazzos or plazas. Most are not even named in the guidebooks and probably not important for any particular reason, but the architecture is excellent for all periods. Gotta say where we walked today was not very clean or even orderly. An experience nonetheless. After a shower and short walk for me and shower and short nap for Sandy we had an adult beverage at Le Tre Marie, a little bar we can see from our hotel room. They smoke like fiends here...6 of 6 persons had a ciggy going at one time. See pic. Then for dinner a few blocks away at Traitoria, a small Italian restaurant, for a rather light dinner, after which early to bed and sleep like the dead.

permalink written by  ersutton1 on June 2, 2010 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: ersutton1's Travel Blog
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Rome, Italy

Harika bir şehir

permalink written by  balkanturu on May 9, 2010 from Rome, Italy
from the travel blog: Middle Europe
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