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Belgium.... Brussels and down to Liege!!!

Liege, Belgium

James here....
Ok current status of things. We have internet, it's wireless, but I can only use it in the lobby. Soooo as usual I or Amanda will do a much better update later. However I gotta share how things have gone since this morning. We had to get up at the butt crack of dawn. 3:20 AM which wasn't a big deal since there was so much party time happening at the hostel sleep wasn't really happening for me anyways. We get our gear and start walking to the bus stop and realize we don't have any of our travel info, boarding passes and instructions on how to get to Liege, Belgium. We forgot them at the internet cafe yesterday and have no way to get that info at this time of the morning. Luckily we at least remembered what airline we were on and that crisis was overted. BTW none of these things are being taken as a real issue, we're just grinning and going on with it. :) So, flights go well enough we make it to Brussels and find out that english is in no way shape or form a standard language here. I can't understand anyone and most everything is written in something other than english. No worries we'll get through it. So made it to baggage claim... and waited and waited and then it stopped turning and no bags. Yeah to our bags as of this moment are MIA. They don't know where they are and if all goes well we should have them back in 2-3 up to 5 days. Funny cause we'll be in Spain in 3 days... So unsure what we're going to do about this just yet but no worries. We have our ATM card and can get some spare cloths. The airlines gave us both an overnight toiletries bag so we can wash our butts. Included in said kits are XX large tshirts. Not so bad for me, but it's like a tent for Amanda to wear. So we used them as towels instead!!! Ok next plan is to get to Liege from Brussels... which is a challenge and if not for my friend Steph who I am going to meet tomorrow, we'd be lost in Belgium somewhere. This is due to the fact the train splits apart on the way to Liege. And being as we can't read or speak the language here, we wouldn't have known that part and clearly not been in the right train car for it. This was a challenge though since we had left those printouts back at the cafe in Scotland. Luckily there was an internet cafe at the airport to print new ones.
So ok we finally make it to the Hostel after a VERY high speed cab ride. Again no one speaks the english so that was fun... Hostel, room... which is just the 2 of us. YAH alone time at last. We get brave, go find local food and yeah I can't read anything of it. But luckily the guy there spoke some english and helped us order a great meal. Get back to that on a later blog. After going back and napping a bit we must find ATM for some money. After a short adventure we find the local ATM wont take our card and can't find another one anywhere near by. So broke, foreign and unab le to understand most ppl we used our last bits of change to enjoy a really strong irish coffee in the town centre and laughed about our wonderful day. Eat your hearts out!!!!

Love you all!!!


permalink written by  Slade's Elucidation on July 6, 2008 from Liege, Belgium
from the travel blog: Slade's Elucidation
tagged Funny, Belgium and Liege

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The Simpsons and the Tan

Los Angeles, United States

So we were at Universal Studios today. After doing The Simpsons ride for the second time, we came across this cool wall mural of Bart and Milhouse.

“Hey baby”, I said, “go do some funny pose there and I will take your picture”

The wife said, “Aiyoh… so paiseh. Okay, you count, and I’ll quickly do a pose. Once.”

And I agreed.

“One… two… three!” I counted, she posed and I snapped the shot.

“Umm… baby, what the hell pose was that?”

“I was drinking from his water bottle.”

Incredulous stare. “Water bottle?!”

“Ya… “, and she turned around and noticed Bart holding the same thing in his hand… the same spray can of paint!

You could see the gears turning in her head... should she pretend that she knew it was a can of spray paint all along and was just "testing" me? Nahh.... I obviously could not be fooled by now!

After laughing my posterior off, I finally got a proper shot – of the wife sulking.


permalink written by  DanYilin on March 31, 2009 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: go.
tagged Funny, Universal, Studios and Simpsons

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Getting a Sense of the Twee

Great Missenden, United Kingdom

As my last post mentioned, on Saturday, Vanessa and I ventured into Great Missenden to attend The Chilterns Show, a kind of county fair...with English country flair.

The morning was gorgeous, as I showed you by photograph on Saturday, and it continued to be as we got to the car park. Walking in, we discovered that, sadly, the horse show was cancelled because the person in charge was feeling sick. They implored us - do we know anyone who could help in 2010? V and I both wondered...couldn't they maybe try to find someone to help, oh, I don't know...in 2009? So it could actually occur this year? But hey, we're not in charge.

We started off at the Pets tent, taking the rare opportunity to stroke an owl's feathers - something I've never, ever done before. They're so incredibly soft and light! What a treat. :) The old man holding the owl would've taken four quid from us to have our photo taken with the owl, but V rightly pointed out that they're really pricing themselves out of the market that way - having the photos at 1 or even 2 pounds would draw people in, quite a few, really...but at 4 pounds, it's just a ripoff.

Next, we did a bit of shopping, looking around at jewelry (that's "jewellery" here!) and wishing it was less expensive, then heading on to the woodworking tents. After that, we were hungry (when aren't we) so we ventured over to the food tent - shown here with the double entendre-filled "Pheasant Plucker's Song" sign at the entrance. Too funny.

We both got pork pies for lunch, as I'm told this is quintessential English country fair food. It was delicious and very filling...I really liked the crust, and the fact that it was portable! Ha ha! Here I am trying my first bite. :)

While we ate, we listened to the RAF Halton Pipe and Drum corps perform, and it was just fantastic. Wow! I feel like I am sometimes, but I know I'm not alone in loving the sound of the bagpipe...and it's truly taken to a higher plane when those tones are mixed with a drum beat.

The "coming events" for the day said that the Highland Games were being performed by some strongmen at an upcoming hour, so V and I sat down by the arena to watch the show. And we laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

Not only did the contestants (all TWO of them, including the first black man I've ever seen in my life wearing a kilt, and a man suspiciously named Spencer "Highland") have to set up their equipment on the field, the sign proclaiming the event STONES OF DENSITY kept falling over in the breeze. Somehow, this became the funniest thing in the world to Vanessa and me, and we giggled quite a bit at the sight on the field.

We watched the Stones of Density, the Dead Lift, and the Caber Toss - which Spencer Highland had never done before, and had to be told over the loudspeaker by the Scottish announcer that he "wasn't holding it the right way round". Oh my goodness. Hilarious!

Oddly enough, he ended up winning that event, as well as the games themselves. I say he has an unfair advantage, having that name! LOL.

After we'd had enough Highland Games laughter, we stopped over at the obviously American store...which wasn't quite so American at all. Unless you count nearly ONLY items relating to Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Boop to be the whole of Americana...oh, and trucking! Can't forget good ol' truckin'! Hmmm. Also included on the table, as you can see, were some not-just-vaguely British items. I call shenanigans on this booth!

Too soon, we'd finished the entire fair (though I have to admit, it was quite small), and were ready to leave for Vanessa's parents'. On the way out, she took my photo with this truck's stickered-on proclamation - which is so true! "If it isn't fair, it isn't fun."

And boy, was it ever fun!

permalink written by  Mary Rose on July 18, 2009 from Great Missenden, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: UK 2009
tagged Food, Music, Funny, Countryfair, OddSights, Twee and QuintessentialEngland

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But, but, butt....

Garner, United States

Yea, google voice for translating a butt dial of rustling clothes, footsteps in dirt, a starting car (BMW?) and Diane Reemes into a boy band song. If only I could copy & paste here. Trust me, it was funny!

permalink written by  prrrrl on March 15, 2011 from Garner, United States
from the travel blog: Beijing 2011
tagged Funny, ButtDial and Garner

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