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The Final Countdown...

Victoria, Canada

I woke up this morning to a new reality...I'm on leave from work until November 2. Another new reality quickly took over...only 19 days until my departure date - April 5. Excitement and nerves make a strong cocktail!

Our planning started years ago when my rugby club decided to tour New Zealand in 2009. Norma and I heard opportunity knocking, and we have planned a seven-month journey together through NZ, Samoa and Australia.

I arrive in NZ with Ebb Tide RFC April 7 for a three-week six-game tour of the country where rugby is king. Norma arrives April 21 and will join the group for the final days of the tour - brave girl! We start our own adventures after we see the group off to Canada April 26.

Today is 'T minus 19 and counting'...not much time to tie up loose ends so I'd better get at it!

permalink written by  Shane & Norma on March 18, 2009 from Victoria, Canada
from the travel blog: "Not Just Another Rugby Tour" - New Zealand, Samoa and Australia
tagged Rugby, Australia, NZ, NewZealand, Samoa and EbbTide

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T Minus 3 (ish) days

Wellington, New Zealand

Well, here I am on Saturday night, 3 days before I leave the country on a one-way ticket to... somewhere. The rest of my life, I guess.

Early on Tuesday morning, May 12th 2009, I will wing my way over the ditch to Australia and whatever adventures await me there and beyond.

It doesn't feel real. Although I booked the ticket and quit my job a little under a month ago, I had been waiting to hear whether I would be able to stay here in NZ and do some study I wanted (thought I wanted?) to do. So I hadn't really fully bought into the reality of leaving.

'The other thing' didn't work out. Perhaps luckily. So here I am, still trying to get my head around the fact that I leave my life and country for 'good' in less than 3 days. I haven't packed, I haven't booked anywhere to stay, I have no concrete plan. Like I said - it doesn't feel real. At all.

permalink written by  emilysquest on May 9, 2009 from Wellington, New Zealand
from the travel blog: Emily Goes Walkabout
tagged Wellington and NewZealand

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Just Arrived

Paihia, New Zealand

We arrived on the 12h of November in Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

After 12 hours of flying Bethany and I were excited to be in our first destination: Paihia, NZ.. just to relax on the beach and read the guidebooks, unwind and decide what we wanted to do. Neither of us had a a plan or wanted a plan for our extended trip. Bethany has 6 weeks to travel New Zealand and anywhere we end up in the South Pacific before she returns home to spend Christmans with her family in Danville, CA.

Bethany wanted to stay at a hostel chain known as Base, Pipi Patch. She has stayed at this Hostel in Queenstown about 3 years ago and had an amazing time.

Just as I had envisioned , I took a long nap on the Paihia Beach on the first day. The second day we rented bikes. We had an amazing ride to a horseshoe shaped waterfall, Haruru and rode around the grounds of the Treaty of Waitangi. This is where the Maori and the New Zealanders decided to share the Island a long time ago.

The next day, again, without plans we ended up boarding a The Rock Tour by the recommendation of our bunk mate Laura Gill, a young british woman traveling alone since her split with her boyfirend. The Rock is an oversized houseboat that houses 28 travelers and a staff of about 5. The bunk rooms were no more than 6 cots (3 bunks) and a small place 3x3 ft area to stand. Bethany and I shared our small room with a family from Uraguay; a mother, daughter, about 23 and a son, 28. The daughter had been there for quite some time on a working/holiday visa. The mother and son had come out for 3 weeks to vist and tour NZ. The majority of passangers were on working/holidy visa; a yourg girl from Germany, Barbara from Argentina, with a remarkable American Accent due to a prior profession as an MSN technical support at a call in center, and several traveling couples from aroung the world.

The Rock trip was amazing. It started with a few games on board to get the passengers aborad the floating hostel aquainted with eachother. It started iwith a paintball shooting competition off of the back of the boat. The target was a poor unsuspecting rubber mallard. I, of course took the prize. One hit on round one, and one hit on the shoot off on round two. The prize was a free drink...Yay!

That night we night kayaked off of the The Rock to an island and watched the shooting stars. Bethany made fast friends with a number of the crew and as usual was the life of the eveining... well she would have been if it wasn't for the sloshed girls from I'm not sure where.

The next day were were pleasantly greeted by playful dolphins trailed by dolphin tour boats. I got one good shot. I'm still learning all of the settings on my camera.

The Rock docked at a beautiful beach on the other side of a town called Russell. To us it felt as if we were on the edge of the Pacific.

There we kayaked, hiked to the top of a scenic view, played a game of beach cricket and lunched.

After the Rock, we entered the Harbor and returned to the Pipi Patch where our belongings were stored in a locker waiting for our return.

There were stayed two more nights. Those days included a Rock reunion at our Pipi Patch bar, an amazing filo chicken curry wrap at a cafe overlooking the Bay of Islands and a lounging day at Base skyping and relaxing.

permalink written by  Carissa on November 15, 2010 from Paihia, New Zealand
from the travel blog: World Tour Nov. 2010- ?
tagged NewZealand, PipiPatch and TheRock

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Hinuera, New Zealand

(die Stadt müsste eigentlich Matamata sein, konnte aber nicht in diesem Blog eingegeben werden)

Heute morgen war dann Ebbe. So konnten auch wir uns auf die Suche nach dem Hot Water Beach machen - war nicht schwer, die Menschentraube hat den Teil des Strandes eindeutig markiert, wo wir hinmussten.

Auch wenn das Meerwasser weiter kalt war, mussten man nur seine Füße ein paar Zentimeter in den Sand stecken und erhielt - durch die Erdnahen Lavaströme - sehr warme meist sogar zu heiße Füße. An manchen Stellen war das Wasser so heiß, dass es heraussprudelte.

Danach ging es zum Hobitland.

Vor 13 Jahren war ich (Marcel) noch gescheitert, weil es damals noch ein Geheimnis war. Nun aber ist alles touristisch erschlossen und so standen wir kurz darauf vor Frodos und Bilbos Eingangstür:

Danach sind wir noch ein Stückchen gefahren und haben uns für die Nacht einen Platz an einem See gesucht.

permalink written by   on October 2, 2013 from Hinuera, New Zealand
from the travel blog: HmM Neuseeland 2013
tagged NewZealand and LOTR

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