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Hue, Vietnam

Aqui estoy peleandome con el teclado en vietnamita. Nos encontramos en la ciudad de Hue. Mañana tendremos la oportunidad de acercarnos a la que fue la zona desmitarilizada despues de la guerra de independencia que los vietnamitas tuvieron contra los gabachos. Es mas conocida hoy en dia como DZM. En esta zona, tendremos la ổptunidad de ver algunas de las zonas mas famosas de la guerra de Vietnam. Creo que la mas conocida es la colina de la hamburguesa.Ya os contaremos.

Anteriormente estuvimos en la bahia de Ha Long. La verdad es que la experiencia fue maravillosa. Alli en medio del mar, rodeado de enormes montañas, con el barco fondeado y viendo toda la escena en el mar, con la puesta de sol. Creo que ha sido uno de los mejores baños de mi vida. Vale la pena visitarlo.
El tour,la verdad, algo desorganizado. Una de las activiđades fue dar un paseo en bicicleta por una isla. Es como si en medio de la isla hubiera una gran explanada đonde los campos de arroz. Fue una sensacion extraña. En la vuelta hacia el barco, sin ir deprisa para no perder a Noemi,al girarme, la encontre tranquilamente tumbada sobre la hierba y la bicicleta sobre ella. Son cosas del directo.
Mas tarde hicimos algo de kayak. Pudimos acceder mediante una pequeña entrada a una gran laguna đonde no hay otra forma de contemplarla. Otro de los lugares impresionantes del viaje.

Ayer por la noche, en la estacion de trenes de Hanoi subimos al tren que despues de 12 horas nos dejaba en la ciudad de Hue.
Cuando Noemi vio las literas, se le vino el mundo abajo, pero cuando descubrio las cucarachas..... Alucino en colores vietnamitas. Se paso como una hora fuera de la habitacion sin poder entrar. Compartimos con dos señoras jamaicanas. Creo que nunca en mi vida mi columna habia sido sometida a semejantes pruebas de traccion y compresion. Ni siquiera cargando maletas.
Cada 20 segundos fui azotado hacia un arriba y abajo de la cama.
Hoy nos hemos dedicado a pasear, hacer la colada (contratada) y a enviar algunas cosas inutiles a casa. Ahhhh y a pasar un calor. Llevo dos dias que parezco el Ebro dépues del deshielo.Antes de conectarme a internet, me di una duchita de agua fria. Pues llevo como una hora sin dejar de sudar. Es la muerte.

Debemos de estar a mas de 40 grados.

Hoy hace un mes y un dia que empezamos el viaje. Al principio, las personas de nuestro alrededor nos comentaban que era mucho tiempo, orgullosos levantabamos la cabeza con nuestra proeza. Estos dias en el barco hemos conocido a jovenes, en pareja o en solitario que llevaban meses o algunos mas de un año o dos y agachabamos la cabeza.
Al final cada uno esta donde quiere estar.

permalink written by  Noemi y Carlos on June 23, 2008 from Hue, Vietnam
from the travel blog: NUESTRO VIAJE POR ASIA Y ALGO MAS...
tagged Hue

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Motos and Models: Having Fun in Central Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

After Hanoi and northern Vietnam, our Pacific Discovery group headed south to warmer waters in Hue and Hoi An. After a long bumpy overnight train ride from Hanoi, we finally ended up in beautiful Hue. A welcome change from the grit of Hanoi’s streets, Hue’s clear open sky, beautiful riverside parks (complete with ancient and modern sculptures), and less congested streets helped lighten everybody’s mood and help us relax. After a nice jog along the river and a little sight-seeing, I returned to the hotel for the afternoon ‘mystery activity’. It was a motorcycle tour of the city! 14 Americans riding around on motorscooters woohoo. And we were off.

We toured around two Buddhist temples, a monastery, an incense making area, French gun-turrets and a royal palace now tomb. Truly too many places to show pictures of here, though I chose to post up the picture of the sticks incense are made from to the left, and a picture of a Buddhist pagoda is shown at the top of this entry. Pagoda’s are built at some but not all Buddhist temples and are always seven stories high. The French turrets were quite interesting because they were a very new attraction, it had only been two years ago that they finished clearing the landmines from the site.
The turrets were used on ships of the Vietnamese traveling up the river back in the 50’s and 60’s. One theme was common among the separate sites; the endless rice paddies that stretched in between every one of them. Vietnam is one of the largest rice-producing nations and it shows. After Hue, we would travel another 3 hours across endless stretches of rice fields to the beach and resort town of Hoi An.

High fashion city meets beach town in Hoi An! Not their fashion, not the Italians fashion, but Your fashion. This small beach town has hundreds and hundreds of tailors and tailoring shops with every cotton, silk, linen and polyester known to man and its up to you to point to something you like in one of their catalogs, bring in your own picture of what you want, or just design it yourself. From suits($60) to shoes($20) to boardshorts($15), they make everything, and quick, usually a day maybe two with alterations. I personally got a silk pink/black dress shirt (for Vegas), baby blue silk shoes (also for Vegas), and some really cool boardshorts (not exactly for Vegas). I finally shaved off my 'Wolverine' facial hair, which may have helped me during the groups ‘fashion show’(complete with thumping Vietnamese music and judges...) I came away with the award Hoi An’s Next Top Model.

Enough about that though, Hoi An as an awesome beach town is much more interesting. From luminescent waters at night to some guy I watched herding buffalo by bike, it doesnt really get boring. The bike-herding was a peculiar sight I saw while sitting in a cafe having a drink, wasn’t able to snap a picture but yea, it was quite a shock for someone not used to seeing water buffalo being herded through a city. That night was another annual event, ‘guys night out’. Craig, Jeremy, Will, Colin and I ditched the ladies for a night of beer, pool, beef, and biking. Awesome times. And all this combined to have us end up late night on the beach. But not any beach. The waters at Hoi An possess a special type of plankton that lights up like a starry aura around you when you swim through it. The plankton react to movement so that when you swim in it, splash it, or move a part of your body through it, a thousand bright tiny stars immediately illuminate. Truly the most magical experience of my trip so far and one that I will never forget.

If there’s anyone who you recommend I add to my blog’s mailing list, or questions you have about the particulars of traveling/touring in SE Asia, please shoot me an email at Jack.Crestani@Gmail.com. Cheers!

Strike a smile, the winners of the fashion show

permalink written by  JohnJack_Crestani on March 6, 2009 from Hoi An, Vietnam
from the travel blog: I Meet the SouthEast
tagged Vietnam, Hue, Hoian, JackCrestani, Johncrestani and Pacificdiscovery

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Hue, Vietnam

We have a lot of updating to do on the blog tonight. This was the first time that we have been on a computer in the last week or so that has been even capable of updating a blog....It seems that the farther south we travel in Nam' the worse the internet connections get.
Hue was what you would call uneventful. It had a particular charm to it. It was a laid back city, outside of the touts harassing us, but all in all it was a place to skip over.
After a grueling 14 hour bus ride from Hanoi to Hue we shleped off the bus into the early morning air only to be surrounded by some crazy "businessmen" looking to corral us into their hotels. These people were some of the most desperate, insane, people we had come across. They wouldn't take "no, thank you" for an answer. After trying to avoid them unsuccessfully, we ducked into a hotel and settled in.
Hue is touted as a tourist attraction for their citadel, which is an enclosure around an emperor's palace. The city also boasts Vietnam's largest flag. The palace was occupied by royalty through the 1950's, but is nonetheless in disrepair. After visiting so many incredible temples on this trip like the Forbidden City, Hue's Forbidden Purple City was underwhelming. The highlight could have been the renovated tennis court that the emperor used during his tenure at the palace. Why the curators rebuilt the tennis court rather than focusing on the palace which is in disrepair confused me and Rachel.
Hungry after a long trip we found an Indian restaurant for our next meal and liked it so much that we ate there for both lunch and dinner. Mmmm vegetable curry.
After a rest we went down to the riverfront to see what nightlife Hue had to offer. We both agreed that the vibe at night along the riverfront was the highlight of our day in Hue. A bridge that connected the two parts of the city was lit brightly with an ever-changing array of colors. Lots of the city's locals were seen drinking beers and sipping fruit shakes by the river. On to Hoi An!

permalink written by  zachel on April 4, 2009 from Hue, Vietnam
from the travel blog: Zack and Rachel's Asian Chronicles
tagged Hue and ForbiddenPurpleCity

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Ausspannen am Pool

Hue, Vietnam

Heute und gestern ist nicht viel passiert. Wir fühlen uns wie Schulkinder, die gerade schwänzen und eben nicht die obligatorischen Sehenswürdigkeiten anschauen.

Gestern Waren wir noch in der Stadt (es gibt einen intakten Burggraben samt vollständiger Mauer) und im Kaiserpalast. Denn Hue war mal die Hauptstadt von Vietnam, lange vor den Franzosen und der Amis, und deswegen residierte der Kaiser in der Zitadelle. Quasi eine Stadt in der Stadt. Um die das moderne Hue gebaut wurde. Doch damit nicht genug: In der heutigen Stadt Hue, in der Altstadt, in der Kaiserstadt gibt es - der werte Leser hat es vielleicht schon erraten - eine weitere Stadt, die "purple City". Sie war nur der Kaiserfamilie und Eununchen zugänglich.

Und heute haben wir uns gedacht, da wir gestern vier Städte auf einmal angeschaut haben, können wir es uns leisten die Kaisergräber zu vernachlässigen. Und sitzen um vier Uhr beim Frühstück, wo wir fast das Lunch-Angebot (Burger mit Fritten und Cola) verpasst haben. Super Tag.

Morgen geht weiter, und zwar nach HaNoi!

permalink written by  MaxTheDay on November 13, 2012 from Hue, Vietnam
from the travel blog: MaTi in Südostasien
tagged Hue, FrHstCk and Chillen

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