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Lijiang's Ancient Culture

Lijiang, China

Full day Black Dragon Pool park and Dongba Institute; Museum of Naxi Culture. Nice day outdoors in the high altitude sun. You can see Jade Dragon Snow Mountain all day with it's snowy peaks.

permalink written by  Benjamin Satterfield on March 26, 2005 from Lijiang, China
from the travel blog: China Tour Spring 2005
tagged Park, Mountain, Museum, Hiking, Naxi, Dongba, BlackDragonPool and JadeDragonSnowMountain

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Sculpture and lunch at Niu Er Stone Sculpture Park 牛耳石雕公園

Niu Er Stone Sculpture Park 牛耳石雕公園 , Taiwan

2007-07-19 10:47. BA Niu Er Stone Sculpture Park 牛耳石雕公園, stone sculptures throughout the park.

2007-07-19 11:24. Lunch at the restaurant in the park, beautiful grand valley view.

2007-07-19 12:11. Unsure when we left but by 12:11 we finished eating and I took a picture of a bee hive box.

Niu Er Stone Sculpture Park
Puli , Nantou County
Also listed as New Era, Newer.

牛耳 means Cow Ear.

石雕 means stone sculpture, pronounced: shih2 diao


permalink written by  monex on July 19, 2007 from Niu Er Stone Sculpture Park 牛耳石雕公園 , Taiwan
from the travel blog: 2007 Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan 5th Study Tour (2007海外青年台灣觀摩團第5梯次)
tagged Park, Sculpture, Newer, NiuEr and Valley

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Mines View Park

Baguio, Philippines

One of the most popular and most visited spots in Baguio City is Mines View Park. It is the most visited park in the city which lays on a gentle slope that overlooks Benguet's gold and copper mines The park has a wide observation deck where you can experience a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

Minesview park is usually the next stop after visiting the Mansion and Wright Park. Once you enter the park, you will pass winding stone-covered pathway that slopes downward leading to the observation deck. There are also rock benches that lay along the pathway where you can simply rest and enjoy the view. I recommend that you visit the park in the morning because fog starts to move in during the afternoon, which obstructs the view. Of course, there is a wide assortment of “pasalubong” or gifts that make Minesview Park an enjoyable place.

permalink written by  On Foot on October 18, 2007 from Baguio, Philippines
from the travel blog: On Foot
tagged Park, Philippines, Baguio, North and Benguet

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Burnham Park

Baguio, Philippines

If you are on a budget, and would like to spend the afternoon in a laid back environment, Burnham Park is the place to be. The park is situated at the heart of Baguio City. It is is centered around a man-made lake.

One of the famous activities you can indulge in is skating. A circular skating rink allows you to rent skates, and it is located at the southern end of the park. There are also basketball and tennis courts for the active sports enthusiast. Other things you can find at Burnham Park are a few restaurants, children's playground, outdoor kiosks, and an orchidarium. The football Field hosts lots of activities such as parades, concerts, carnivals, and display booths. If you plan to visit Burnham Park, do not forget to bring your camera to capture great moments with family and friends. Burnham Park is one simple and enjoyable ways you can spend your time in the city.

permalink written by  On Foot on October 26, 2007 from Baguio, Philippines
from the travel blog: On Foot
tagged Park, Skating, Philippines, Baguio, North, Recreation and Fauna

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Nice stop in Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta, United States

We broke camp and headed out about 9 am this morning. I felt like Mexican food for breakfast, but upon arriving in Klamath Falls all the restaurants were opening at 11. So we stopped at Wal-Mart to get an extra sleeping bag and a battery operated pump for the air mattress. The Mexican food at El Mariachi was delicious - there was a lot of it too, and we couldn't finish it. It didn't measure up to the Mexican restaurant we enjoyed back home, but still good. Ben was having fun throwing things on the floor while we ate.

We made our way to Shasta (surprisingly quick), and spent a couple hours there. Ben needed some time to stretch his legs. We enjoyed wandering the trails in the park, taking pictures and helping Ben cross the bridges. We were reminded of how delicious and refreshing the Spring water is at Shasta.

The GPS lost the Satellite connection on Washburn in Klamath Falls and we still have not regained connection - not sure what is going on, but we had to call Kevin's mom to figure out how to get to Reno, to learn we had already passed the correct highway/exit 40 Miles previous. Oh well - we headed down to take an alternate route. Sure would be nice if the GPS were working! Ben was having a hard time with his ears popping and being in the car so long today. We will make sure to give him more time out of the car from now on. We looked for campsites and eventually decided to drive all the way to Reno and get a hotel. Getting married tomorrow!

permalink written by  heddwyn on June 29, 2009 from Mount Shasta, United States
from the travel blog: To Costa Rica
tagged Park, Shasta, Spring and Bridges

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Drive Thru Yosemite

Yosemite National Park, California, United States

The night was cold, but thanks to the extra sleeping bag we bought, we stayed warm. We packed up camp and headed up into Yosemite. Wow - it was so beautiful! I really wanted to stay and experience more of it. We got out in the "High Sierra" and let Ben climb around on some of The Boulders sticking out of the ground. He decided to take a nap when we returned to the truck, so we drove through the rest. I did get out to take pictures at "Olmsted Point". Wow, what a view! The "High Sierra" was my favorite part, though the "Valley" was supposed to be quite beautiful as well and we did not get to see it. Hopefully we will get to return some day.

The brakes were over heating (we were going thousands of Miles down hill pretty quickly) so we stopped outside of Yosemite to let them cool, and decided to explore the area. We found a nice peaceful spot on the river and relaxed and played there for an hour and a half. It was a lot of fun! The river was beautiful - a lot of colorful rocks made up the river bed. I was trying to find the prettiest ones for Ben to play with. I took him out into the water and let him touch the water - he really liked that. We all got a lot wetter than we planned, but it sure felt good!

We stopped in Oakland and played in the park with Ben for a couple hours. He needed some time out of the car.Then we made our way to San Fransisco (Ben thankfully took another nap), but Kevin was nervous when we got there because the GPS was still not working. But he turned it on to look at the maps and it surprisingly got a signal! It helped us find our way, though it lost the signal a couple times and then we got lost for a bit.. but we eventually found a hotel, ordered some thai, and got some rest. Looking forward to getting out of this crazy city!

permalink written by  heddwyn on July 1, 2009 from Yosemite National Park, California, United States
from the travel blog: To Costa Rica
tagged Park, Water, River, Yosemite, SanFransisco and Brakes

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San Fran

San Francisco, United States

Awakened at the Economy Inn by Benjamin's early AM routine [wake, grumble, nurse, sleep, wake, grumble, nurse, laugh, giggle, hunt for daddy]. First stop is the "Cow Hollow Playground" that I noticed on the map I pulled from the hotel's 'Pad O' Maps'. We walk the two blocks to find a wonderful playground packed into the size of a house lot (about 0.1 acre). There are a lot of flowers growing around the fence and plenty to do but no people. It was eight-thirty. We get some exercise and realize we're hungry. Off to "hunt the wild noodle" as I've coined looking for stores that have decent food. Ben and I strike out into the city [Lombard Street] and have no luck for four blocks. We ask a local "Are you a local?" she says "I only speak Russian", undaunted we say "food, where is food?" she suddenly finds she does know some English "Chestnut Street, you can find anything on Chestnut Street." One block North, very nice! We retrieve some breakfast rolls and fruit before returning to feed Momma, she's busy online and probably very hungry by now and wondering where we are!

After breakfast we drag Momma to see the playground. Now it's packed and the kids are having fun. Ben gets involved right away climbing and being climbed.

Sometime later we head for downtown and the Mexican Consulate. We fish out an hour's worth of change (four dollars in nickles) for the parking meeter then head to the office of the Consulate. There are homeless people under the bridge on the way there. The buildings are so high you can fall over trying to see the tops. We wait in line and discuss buying glasses online with friendly folks. After twenty minutes we reach the information counter and ask for Visas. We are sent through the metal detector and I drop off my pocket knife, then upstairs to the secretary who explains that we don't need a Visa at all. Our U.S. Passports are good for six months - more than six months visiting? then yes, we would need a Visa (and a reason). What about our camera and laptop? Shouldn't we declare those? "Yes, at the border." Grrrrr.

Frustrated for the misinformation we'd received online and from friends and other travelers, we leave the building and wonder why we came to San Francisco at all. I realized that I'd been walking around with my collection of wheat pennies (including a silver dime circa 1920) and felt the urge to hand it over to the homeless man. Did that. Maybe that was why we came. Seems a waste to rush through Yosemite to give a homeless man a dime but there you have it.

Onward South towards Simi Valley. On our way to the 1 we were travelling on HWY 17 when the car in front of us lurches and stops so suddenly I'm looking at their undercarriage. THEN their brake lights come on and they swerve to the right. I'm thinking they hit someone or something and am braking hard but there isn't enough room, I can't go left, there's a mini van there, CRASH.

The Green Machine strikes the brown Explorer and we all roll to the shoulder (only a white stripe) and make sure no-one's hurt. Then we pull up off the highway and get paperwork done by the CHP. The couple was from Italy. She was driving and "put the car in second gear to climb the hill" oh my goodness. They were on their honeymoon as well! It was good that no one was hurt and both vehicles were drivable. Ben slept through the accident and woke up when we pulled off the road. Didn't phase him one bit.

On to the coast where we played in a park for a while and headed South along the cliffs. We decided it would be best if we got to Grandma Moss' as soon as we could to lighten our load and get some repairs. Drat, I got the cheap insurance, hurray I even had some! [expires 7/12]

We roll into San Luis Obispo and get some sleep. Whew, what a day!

permalink written by  heddwyn on July 2, 2009 from San Francisco, United States
from the travel blog: To Costa Rica
tagged Park, City, Sf, Tahoe and Wreck

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Day 3... More Perth...

Perth, Australia

My third day in Perth and in the glamorous establishment above, and not a great deal was achieved during daylight hours. In the evening I had plans to meet Scotty, Junko, Damo and Naoko, so a mini Japan reunion and I was excited about that. Scotty called me to discuss meeting up about 3 minutes after I woke up, so strictly speaking, I wasn't lying when I told him that he hadn't woken me up.

I had been told about King's Park and how I should go and see it. So I headed up there in the morning after the breakfast in the hotel. Rode the bus about 30 minutes and then walked for about 10 and realised that it was just a bigger version of the park near my house. Called Monty who had recommended it and he told me that it was my fault because I wasn't in touch with nature. We agreed to disagree and I headed back in to the city.

Jumped on a couple of free buses toward Northbridge where I had been told there were some places to eat lunch (as Central Perth has approximately nothing). As I was sat on the bus, I spotted Noriko (Damo's wife, the same Damo and Noriko that I had plans to meet later in the evening). I knew Perth was small, but I had no idea just how small.

After lunch, I did a little more walking around and sightseeing. Then I headed up to Leederville. This is where Scotty, Damo and their respective spouses live. Went to the pub and had a beer and something to eat and a good catch up. I also got in trouble for not telling them before I was coming to Perth, that I was coming and I could have stayed at one of their places for nothing. On the way back I have a night in Perth again, so I will be staying at Scotty and Junko's place.

After the pub, we went to a cafe and enjoyed a coffee... The cafe had a number of lanterns... How many you ask? Well, we had a little contest to guess how many there were. I said 250, Damo, 360 and the others weren't even close... As we were leaving Scotty asked the guys at the counter and was told that there were about 300... The boys have been set a task, to find out the exact number, because under 310 makes me the winner, where 311 and up would give it to Damo... I think I have it...

Back to the hotel and some kip... Tomorrow is the flight to Singapore and then on to Jo'burg, so I think I will spend most of the day getting tanked on planes and in airport bars.

permalink written by  Big_T on June 3, 2010 from Perth, Australia
from the travel blog: World Cup
tagged Park, Beer and Perth

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