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Europe trip 2008
2009 escape holidays!

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Salzburg, Austria


permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on August 18, 2009 from Salzburg, Austria
from the travel blog: 2009 escape holidays!
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Relaxing time in Bern

Bern, Switzerland


permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on August 17, 2009 from Bern, Switzerland
from the travel blog: 2009 escape holidays!
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Around the Alps!

Interlaken, Switzerland


permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on August 14, 2009 from Interlaken, Switzerland
from the travel blog: 2009 escape holidays!
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In the majestic Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland


permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on August 11, 2009 from Zurich, Switzerland
from the travel blog: 2009 escape holidays!
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And the first stop is... Vienna!

Vienna, Austria


permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on August 8, 2009 from Vienna, Austria
from the travel blog: 2009 escape holidays!
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Review time!

Thessaloniki, Greece

Georgia has left Thessaloniki for Cyprus and I am following her shortly.

Here is a short review of the places we visited. I ve already missed Norway, Brugge, Monaco, South France, Stockholm and the swedish festivals, Andorra and Copenhagen...:


+ Friendly people, astonishing scenery (fjords, waterfalls, cliffs), Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen), Oslo Open Air Museum, wonderful Bergen

- Too expensive, no proper highways, drug dealers in Oslo train station

I would definately go again!!! I want to explore more fjords... I want to go hiking to Kjerag (google it), I want to go to Bergen again.


+ Very friendly people, majestic Stockholm, free August music festivals around the country, great little towns, tourist city bikes, excellent campsite network, very clean even during the festivals

- Erratic weather, expensive car parks in Stockholm.

I d like to go to Stockholm again! Goteborg is a great visit during the festival too!


+ Bike-friendly country, good campsite network, peaceful countryside, Beautiful city of Copenhagen, Jacobsen beer

- Expensive, flat and as dull as England country side, Copenhagen city-bikes were like ghosts (nowhere).

I enjoyed Denmark and I might like to go to Copenhagen again.


+ Bratwurst, beers, submarine museum, cheap, funny atmosphere in St Pauli, Autobahns without speed limit
- Not a place to stay long (2 days were enough)


+ Great little city with much green space, walking by river Rhine
- Where are the souvenir shops???


+ Brugge....... wonderful!! Belgian beers, bike-friendly cities, cosmopolitan Brussels
- Traffic in Brussels

I will definately go to Brugge again!!!!!

LETZEBUERG (luxembourg)

+ Marvellous city on the hills, exellent views, great walking paths around the city, very cheap fuel.
- A bit quiet.

Luxembourg is different and cute. I dont think i ll visit it again, but I liked it.


+ Sun, Gaudi buildings and designs in Barcelona, festivals and fiestas, city architecture, great food
- Spanish denying to communicate in other languages but spanish, disappointing sea (if you want just sunbathing okay, but do NOT go to Spain expecting to find proper sea for swimming), humidity, toll roads (rip off), rediculously expensive hotels and hostels, beggars and homeless issue, driving conditions in the city

I will NOT go to mainland Spain in the summer again - the sea is only suitable for wind surfers. Barcelona did the trick though - great city.


+ Magnificent views during the mountain hiking, Caldea Spa centre, very cheap country
- A bit quiet

A place that I d like to visit over the winter in the future.


From our short stay in Nice, I think I made my mind: I have to visit Cote D Azur in the near future! As for Monaco? Out of this world! Posh... and posh! I d like to have a dinner in the Casino in the future!!
Oh, not to forget the ULTIMUM RIP OFF: French toll roads. You pay more on tolls than on petrol...

permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on October 1, 2008 from Thessaloniki, Greece
from the travel blog: Europe trip 2008
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That was it???.........

Ioannina, Greece

54th day.

Arriving in Igoumenitsa - we visited a friend. Here is the local church:

Cloud games with the mountains:

We made the best of our trip to Thessaloniki, by stopping in Ioannina. Ioannina offered us some of the greek beauty. Highlight is the lake and the venetian wall. We took the boat to visit a little island in the lake. This island (with some 200 inhabitants) has some history in the greek revolution against the Ottoman empire - now you ll find monasteries and a small museum. We also had some tasty greek fish by the lake!!

This is a reaaaaally old tree (one can find such trees in many greek towns and villages - impressive):

We didn't have the time to visit Metsovo, the other touristic town of the area. Another time!

We arrived in Thessaloniki around 23.00.


PS We will post a general comments article soon.

permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on September 23, 2008 from Ioannina, Greece
from the travel blog: Europe trip 2008
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Near the end....

Ancona, Italy

In a bad mood. 53rd day of our trip. We didnt have the time to see Italy (and had used our budget). A great summer journey. A journey that started in the heart of the summer on 1st August (a summer that never visited Manchester) from the one end of Europe (Norway) and is due to finish in the far-most of Europe (Cyprus).

All we can say is that WE HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN.

The smiles in the photo are fake.... Goodbye trip...

permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on September 22, 2008 from Ancona, Italy
from the travel blog: Europe trip 2008
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Posh luxurious and wealthy!

Monaco, Monaco

Two facts we were impressed by: 1) Local people (in museums and in cafes) knew some basic Greek!!!! 2) We had a nearly proper frappe there!!

Principaute de Monaco... What can one say... FERRARIS. POSH. RICH. PORSCHES. FORMULA 1. POSH. FERRARIS. LUXURIUS. FERRARIS. PORSCHES. POSH. FERRARIS... AROMA OF PRINCIPALITY LIKE NOWHERE! And in case we forgot to mention, full of Ferraris, Porsches and other similar super-cars!

We OF COURSE drove the world famous Grand Hotel hairpin on our little Peugeot 206! We drove through the tunnel (yet the other way round), we walked almost every corner of the Monaco Grand Prix (many parts of the Grand Prix are only used during the Formula 1 weekend and access was not allowed to make a complete lap!)...

We spent some time outside the Monte Carlo Casino and the Grand Hotel... So many Ferraris... You could hear an approaching Ferrari engine every 2 minutes! It was weekend and the weather marvellous for them to show off!

(Ferrari Enzo!!!)

Oh our visit was not only to check Felippe Massa's tyre tracks on the kerbs... We visited the palace located on a hill, from where we stared at the centre of the city (unfortunately, photos were not allowed). We saw the guards change, we walked through the adjacent public park with impressive trees and cactus.

We had a frappe next door to the palace...

Monaco is a different place in this planet...

permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on September 21, 2008 from Monaco, Monaco
from the travel blog: Europe trip 2008
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French hospitality!!!

Nice, France

Here we have to mention QUERALBS, a small village (population of 300 people) on the mountains of Catalonia. We visited this picturesque little village on our way to Andorra. All houses are made of stones and the streets are cobbled. We were really in the middle of nowhere, very quiet and really gorgeous place to visit!!

Στο δρομο προς Ανδορρα, μετα τη Βαρκελωνη, ξεχασαμε να αναφερουμε οτι ειχαμε παει σε ενα καταλανικο χωριουδακι πανω στα Πυρηναια. 300 ατομα κατοικοι!!! Παρα πολυ γραφικο μερος της Ισπανιας (Καταλωνιας), με ωραια θεα!

In France, we stopped in Carcassone, a small touristic city in south France, with a prestigious castle standing on the hill (we didnt enter it). It looked a great place to stay, judging from the 3 hours we spent there!

Μερικες φωτος απο Carcassone, τουριστικο μερος, δυστυχως δεν ειχαμε χρονο να παμε στο καστρο, το οποιο πραγματι φαινοταν εντυπωσιακο. Ειχαμε αλλες 4-5 ωρες οδηγημα μεχρι την Nice...

Then we headed for Nikaia (now known as Nice), in South-eastern France. It took its name from ancient Greeks who had founded the city.

There still were people trying to sunbathe, in late September!!! Anyway, we visited the Laskaris music instrument museum. Funny experimental musical instruments were exhibited and also some of the palace's original furniture was there.

Η Νικαια, στην Γαλλικη Ριβιερα, ειναι πολυ ομορφο μερος. Ολη η περιοχη εκει στα νοτιοανατολικα της Γαλλιας πρεπει να ειναι πανεμορφη, κρινοντας απο τις ματιες που ριχναμε απο το αμαξι.

Στο μουσειο Laskaris (καμια σχεση με την Λασκαρη):

(πειραματικο οργανο "αρπα-βιολι")

We of course walked up the hill where a few hundred years ago they created a waterfall (from water diverted from a nearby canal)!!!! Outstanding views of all sides of the city from up there!!!

Ο καταρρακτης αυτος στο λοφο της Νικαιας ειναι τεχνητος, με την εννοια οτι παιρνει νερο απο ενα κοντινο καναλι! Τον εφτιαξαν 100-200 χρονια πριν!! Απο ψηλα εχει πολυ ομορφη θεα της πολης!

We also dared to visit the modern art museum (it was free!). Haha, it was HARD to understand the meaning of STONES forming circles on the floor!!!!

Πηγαμε (τζαμπε) σε μουσειο μοντερνας τεχνης. Εκτος απο πετρες στο πατωμα που σχηματιζαν κυκλους (!!!) ειχε και εναν "πινακα ζωγραφικης" που προφανως καποιος τεμπελης αρχισε να μουντζωνει με λασπη. Παρε και 2 μουντζες απο μενα:

More Nikaia photos:


permalink written by  ManosGeorgia on September 19, 2008 from Nice, France
from the travel blog: Europe trip 2008
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